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Global export of paper egg tray production equipment

As a leader of egg tray machine manufactures, AGICO is expert in designing, manufacturing and installing egg tray production equipment. The main products of our company are egg tray making machine, egg tray production line, pulp molding equipment and other mechanical equipment. Our machinery has been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Egypt, India, South Africa, Algeria, Australia, Libya, Russia,Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Syria and so on.

Egg Tray Production with AGICO Egg Tray Machines
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Waste paper or regenerated pulp of plant fiber is used as the base material. Wide source, low cost.

The old newspapers, cartons and other waste paper, after crushing, screening, adding chemicals and other processes to prepare a certain concentration of pulp for molding.

The pulp is uniformly attached to the special molding die through vacuum action to form wet products, which are transferred to the drying system.

Gas, diesel, steam, heat transfer oil and other heat sources are used to dry the molded products.

After the product is formed, it is manually taken to the packer for packaging.

Model: ZMDTF 3×1, 4×1
Output: 1000-1500 p/h
Power: 2.2kw
Mould Quantity: 3-4

Model: ZMDT 3×4, 4×4
Output: 1800-2500 p/h
Power: 3kw
Mould Quantity: 12-16

Model: ZMDT 3×8, 4×8, 5×8
Output: 3000-5000 p/h
Power: 3-4kw
Mould Quantity: 24-40

Model: ZMDT 5×12
Output: 5000-6000 p/h
Power: 4kw
Mould Quantity: 60

Rich Experience

Products have been exported to more than 20 countries. Professional R & D and manufacturing team.

Various Models

Egg tray machine with various models, pulp molding machine with different molding dies.

Quality Assurance

Quality egg tray machines and spare parts with CE and ISO 9001 certification.

Customized Scheme

Our professional team will customize a special egg tray production scheme for customers.

Site Installation

We have skilled workers to install and debug the egg tray production equipment on site.

Good After-sale

Free training and technical advisory for your workers. Solve problems in production at any time.

Anyang General International Co., Ltd. (AGICO) was founded in September 2004. Our company has always pursued the purpose of “quality, service, integrity first, continuous improvement”, strengthened the internal system construction, adhered to the “people-oriented” corporate culture concept. Our company’s core business is mechanical equipment, and our products include egg tray machine, egg tray production line, pulp molding machine and other support machines.