DTF 4×1 egg tray making machine

1-side Egg Tray Machine

  • Model: DTF 3×1, 4×1
  • Output: 1000, 1500pcs/h
  • Power: 2.2kw
  • Mould Quantity: 3, 4

Introduction of small (1-side) egg tray machine

1-side egg tray machine is also single-side rotary egg tray machine or small egg tray machine. It can satisfy the users of small production and is suitable for natural drying. The output is 1000-1500 pcs/h. Welcome to order our samll egg tray making machine.

Characteristics of small egg tray machine

  • Low investment, fast return. Save energy and manpower.
  • Easy to operate, stable and reliable performance, high quality.
  • Small egg tray machine can produce different products with different dies.
  • You can customize the small egg tray machine according to your own needs. Feel freely to contact us.
natural drying egg trays
Natural drying
Egg tray production
Egg tray

Specifications of small egg tray making machine

ModelsOutput (pieces/hour)Power (kw)Mould Quantity
DTF 3×110002.23
DTF 4×115002.24
1000pcs egg tray machine
DTF 3×1 egg tray machine
1-side pulp molding machine
DTF 4×1 egg tray machine

Molded pulp products with various dies

Paper egg trays
Egg tray
Paper egg carton
Egg carton
Friut tray
Fruit tray
Paper shoe tray
Shoe stretcher
Bottle tray
Bottle tray

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