Egg Tray Production Line

Egg tray production line with metal drying

Introduction of egg tray production line

  1. AGICO egg tray production line can turn waste paper into valuable egg trays and pack them in stacks, it has the characteristics of high efficiency and fewer labor. Many egg tray manufacturers choose the whole egg tray production line.
  2. The production of egg tray mainly includes four steps: pulping, molding, drying and packing.
  3. We have rich experience in the export of egg tray production line, customers have spread over more than 20 countries.
  4. We customize the exclusive egg production line for each customer to maximize the profit of their project.
automatic egg tray production line working process
Egg tray production line
Egg tray production line
Egg tray production line

Production flow chart

A complete egg tray production line mainly includes four systems: egg tray pulping system, egg tray forming system, egg tray drying system, egg tray packing system. 

Production flow chart of egg tray
Production flow chart of egg tray

Specifications of egg tray production line

ModelsOutput (p/h)Pulping MachineEgg Tray MachinePaper Consumption (kg/h)Water Consumption (kg/h)Drying Configuration
Natural DryingCivil EngineeringSingle Layer MetalMultilayer Metal
ZMDT10001000ZDS1ZMDTF 3×185255
ZMDT15001500ZDS1ZMDTF 4×1102306
ZMDT20002000ZDS1ZMDT 3×4170510
ZMDT25002500ZDS2ZMDT 4×4212636
ZMDT30003000ZDS2ZMDT 3×8255765 
ZMDT40004000ZDS4ZMDT 4×83401020 
ZMDT50005000ZDS4ZMDT 5×84241272 
ZMDT60006000ZDS6ZMDT 5×125101530 

Notes: 1. The above data is calculated according to the weight of each egg tray of 100g. 2. The above data is calculated as pure pulp without adding stone powder. If 20-30% stone powder is added, the actual consumption of paper is 70-80% of the above data. Contact us for more details.

Four systems and main equipment of AGICO egg tray production line

Pulping is the first step of egg tray production. Waste paper is converted into pulp by pulping equipment, and then pulp is delivered to egg tray machine by pulp supply equipment. The main pulping equipment in this process is high consistency hydraulic pulper.

high consistency hydraulic pulper​
High consistency hydraulic pulper​

Specifications of pulper

Pulper models Pulper volume Corresponding egg tray machine models Output (p/h)
ZDS6 6m³ ZMDT5×12 6000
ZDS4 4m³ ZMDT5×8; ZMDT4×8 4000-5000
ZDS2 2m³ ZMDT4×4; ZMDT3×8 2500-3000
ZDS1 1m³ ZMDT3×4; ZMDTF4×1; ZMDTF3×1 1000-2000

2. Molding system and equipment

Egg tray machine is the main equipment of egg tray molding. The mold on the egg tray machine can make the paper fiber in the pulp adhere to the abrasive tool through vacuum negative pressure, so as to complete the egg tray molding. Our company can design and manufacture egg tray machines according to the output demand of customer.

Rotary drum egg tray machine
Rotary drum egg tray machine
Reciprocating egg tray machine
Rotary type egg tray machine

After the egg tray is formed, it needs to enter the drying process to ensure that the egg tray does not deform during transportation and use. Drying types have natural drying, civil engineering, trolley type, single layer metal and multilayer metal.

Natural drying
Natural drying
Civil engineering drying
Civil engineering drying
Single layer metal drying
Single layer metal drying
Multilayer metal drying
Multilayer metal drying
Egg tray stacker
packing machine
Packing machine

Which products can be produced by egg tray production line?

After years of research and development, we can provide customers with various molded pulp products production lines. In addition to egg trays, the production line can also produce egg carton, paper fruit trays, bottle trays, paper shoe stretcher and so on.

Paper egg trays
Egg tray
Paper egg carton
Egg carton
Friut tray
Fruit tray
Paper shoe tray
Shoe stretcher
Bottle tray
Bottle tray

In the actual production, we should choose an egg tray production line with the highest cost performance. For example, considering the weather, most African customers will choose natural drying, thus saving the cost of drying system. You can send us your ideas, and there will be professional staff to help you choose the best production plan and the best production line. Contact us for the most suitable production line.

Why choose AGICO egg tray production line?

  1. Professional. In the selection of egg tray machine and drying system, AGICO can solve your problems.
  2. High quality. We have been engaged in the research and export of egg tray production equipment for many years, and the quality of the machine has always been our top priority. The quality of machines and parts can be guaranteed.
  3. Competitive price. We will recommend the most cost-effective machines and production lines for you. At the same time, we will keep the same quality of machine products at a low price.
  4. Good service. We have skilled workers to carry out on-site installation and commissioning, and guide the production of egg tray. If you have any questions in the later production process, you can contact us for consultation and help at any time.