Fruit tray machine

Advantages of Apple Tray Making Machine

Apple tray making machine is a kind of machine that is used to make paper apple trays. During long transportation, apple trays can save storage space and protect apples from collision. Paper apple trays are becoming preferred choice for packing apples. Therefore, manufacturing apple trays project can bring you great benefits absolutely. AGICO will provide customized service

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forming quality of pulp egg crates

Factors Affecting the Forming Quality of Pulp Egg Crates

During the operation of egg crate machine, the forming quality of egg crates is closely related to many factors. The following are two main factors. Raw materials for producing egg crates Raw material is the primary factor to determine the quality of the egg crate. If you don’t have good raw materials, you can’t make

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Maintenance of egg crate making machine

Why Proper Maintenance of Egg Crate Making Machine Is Crucial?

Solid reasons to keep your egg crate making machine in optimal shape Safety. Create a safe workplace and administrate maintenance measures in time. Quality control. Have a sound quality control system. Several steps to do the maintenance To protect the egg crate making machine from the ill-effects of water. To avoid indiscriminate production of pulp.

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Power transformer to support egg tray machine

Dry-type Transformer and Oil-immersed Transformer

The biggest difference between oil-immersed transformer and dry-type transformer is whether there is “oil”. Because the oil is liquid and has fluidity, the oil immersed transformer must have a shell. Inside the shell is transformer oil. The coil of the transformer is soaked in the oil. The coil of the transformer can not be seen

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Pulp Molding Machine, Egg Carton Making Machine

Egg Carton Machine, Egg Tray Mold and Egg Carton Molds

The egg carton can be used to hold eggs and play a buffer and protection role in the storage and transportation of eggs. Our egg carton machine is used to produce paper egg cartons. The same as the structure of the egg tray machine and the production principle of the egg tray, different molds are

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Seedling tray making machine

Forming Processes of Pulp Molding Product

There are two main forming processes of pulp molding machine: vacuum forming and slip casting. Vacuum molding Vacuum molding is the most popular method for paper pulp products. It has rotary, turnover and reciprocating according to different structure. Rotary type 4-side egg tray machine 12-side egg tray machine Continuous rotating production, high production efficiency, mold

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Paper seedling tray machine

Development Prospect of Pulp Molding Equipment

Pulp molding is a niche industry, but also an industry with a bright future. Pulp molding equipment is mainly used in packaging and transportation industry, which has been involved in various fields and has a good development prospect. Egg tray machine Egg tray machine is one of the pulp molding equipments. Egg trays and egg

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automatic egg tray production line working process

Working Process of Automatic Egg Tray Production Line

AGICO automatic egg tray production line includes four systems: pulping, molding, drying and packaging. We provide a complete set of production line and equipment for customers. Pulping system Put the raw materials into the pulper, add some water, and mix for a long time to turn the waste paper into pulp, and then put it

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