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Anyang General International Co., Ltd. (AGICO) is an enterprise engaged in research, development and production of egg tray making machine, egg tray production line, paper pulping molding machine, etc. Our company is located in Anyang City, Henan, China. We have many years of experience in the production and marketing of egg tray making machine and pulp molding machine. Our egg tray machinery has been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Egypt, Russia, India, the Philippines, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Algeria, Australia, Argentina, Egypt, Russia, Libya, Syria and so on.

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As a leader of egg tray making machine manufactures, AGICO is expert in designing, manufacturing and installing egg tray machine. The main products of our company are egg tray making machine, egg tray production line, pulp molding equipment and other mechanical equipment. We provide first-class technology, engineering contracting projects and services for the whole world.

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Main machinery

Our machinery can produce egg trays, egg cartons, paper shoe stretcher and other molded paper products. Customers can customize machines according to their own needs. Egg tray production line also has automatic and semi automatic, you can choose freely.

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Egg tray production line

Egg tray production line includes egg tray pulping system, egg tray molding system (egg tray making machine), egg tray drying system, egg tray packing system.

1-side pulp molding machine

Egg tray machine

Small egg tray machine, pulp molding machine, 1-side egg tray machine, 4-side egg tray machine, 8-side egg tray machine, 12-side egg tray machine for sale.

Our services

  • If you are interested in our machines, please contact us. Our salesmen will reply to you at the first time.
  • We can recommend the most suitable machinery and equipment for you according to your site, local weather and market conditions. We will also work with you to design the best paper egg tray making scheme.
  • We have skilled workers to help you install mechanical products on site, and will guide the production of paper egg trays or molded pulp products.
  • If you have any questions about paper egg tray making or molded paper pulp products produce, you can consult us. We will have professionals to answer your questions.
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After-sale service

  1. We will have skilled workers to install and debug the machine on site to ensure the normal operation of the machine. And we will return to the customer to answer the problems encountered in production.
  2. We will train our customers in production and leave product instructions.
  3. If your machine has problems with parts, you can find us to replace it. We will prepare the original parts for you.
  4. Our email:

Company culture

  • The company has always pursued the purpose of “quality, service, integrity first, continuous improvement”, strengthened the internal system construction, adhered to the “people-oriented” corporate culture concept.
  • Our company is trying to help you develop a broad market and profitable business opportunities. We believe that diversification will bring good benefits, so we encourage the team to introduce advanced professionals from China and the West, so as to achieve the perfect interaction between customers and us.
  • An aggressive team dedicated to creating added value for customers, because our passion is service. AGICO offers not only products, but also contracted projects.

Characteristics of Pulp Molding

  • It can create products of various specifications and complex shapes through molds, thus adapting to the shapes of various products, facilitating isolation positioning, and preventing collisions.
  • The paper material is lightweight and soft, yet it possesses suitable strength and rigidity, providing excellent protection and cushioning. The load-bearing capacity of paper-molded products can be much higher than imagined. For example, a regular egg tray (weighing 65 grams and holding 30 eggs) can withstand a vertical uniformly distributed static load of up to 80 kg (deformation ≥3mm). We have also conducted tests on some standard cushioning pads. The structure of the samples is similar to egg trays (smaller and denser frame), with dimensions of 200x200x20 mm, weighing 50 grams, and a thickness of 1.8 mm. It can bear a load of 300 kg with a height deformation of 3 mm.
  • It has ideal air permeability and moisture absorption, beneficial for food preservation. By adding an appropriate amount of waterproofing agent to the pulp, paper-molded products can achieve good water resistance. For example, egg trays and fruit trays can remain free of water marks on the reverse side within 24 hours after being filled with water at temperatures not exceeding 35°C. However, general industrial inner packaging does not require this performance, as waterproofing should meet the requirements of storage, transportation, and outer packaging.
  • If needed, pulp-molded products can also exhibit properties such as flame resistance and antistatic capabilities.
  • The raw materials are widely available and can be recycled, leading to significant social benefits.
  • Pulp-molded products can be stacked for easy handling, storage, and recycling, thus reducing transportation costs.


Q: How to choose an ideal egg tray making machine or production line?
A: Forming machine is up to your daily capacity, capacity and local weather will decide the drying method.
Q: How long will it take after the order is placed?
A: Generally 15-25 working days; it will be longer if molds need to be customized.
Q: How to choose the right mold?
A: For egg trays, several ready-made molds at the factory will cover normal sized eggs; beyond that, it will need to be customized based on your samples.
Q: Beside Egg trays, what other products can paper molded line produce?
A: The paper molded line can also produce egg cartons, cup holders , Apple trays ,industrial packages ect according to different molds.
Q: Can the machine produce egg trays with different colors?
A: yes, just add different pigments in the slurry tank.
Q: How long will it take for installation?
A: No drying system: 15-25 days; With drying system ( brick or metal): 30-40 days;
Q: will the technicians go abroad to help on site and train workers?
A: yes, professional engineers will help the installation on site and train local workers.
Q: How do you transport the metal drying tunnel?
A: For metal drying tunnel , it can be transported in their entirety for the benefit of installation or disassembled to save on freight.
Q: How much expense required for full set up?
A: There are three parts: 1. Cost of the machine; 2 Shipping cost and import charges; 3. Installation Charge On site( we provide free on line guidance).
Q:How to maintain the egg tray molds?
A: 1. keep the mold clean when not in use;
2. Check the vulnerable parts of molds and replace in time;
3. No additives unless necessary incase chemical ingredients corrode the molds.

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Our certificates
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