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Carton Machinery

With the development of carton box packaging, the requirement for all kinds of high-grade packaging technology becomes higher, especially for the export goods packaging which requires more stringently packaging. Therefore, The equipment for producing cardboard should be improved correspondingly

To meet customer requirements. We developed 3/5/7 ply corrugated cardboard production line, Automatic“inline flexo printer folder gluer” auto bundle machine, automatic corrugated carton box folder gluer and inline auto bundle, which are high speed and heavy-duty, it can produce a variety of specifications of paperboard in a certain range, work continuously, high degree of automation and high production efficiency, It is the ideal equipment for the large and medium-sized carton box factory.

3/5/7 ply corrugated cardboard production line

series 357 ply corrugated cardboard production line



This production line is composed of several machines. Combined in line by the Molding steel and delivery bridge. Adopt the advanced Exchange electromagnetic speed regulation system( computer PLC control). From the raw material to the 3/5/7 layer of corrugated cardboard. work continuously, high degree of automation. Following is the Main work principle: put the roller paper to the Shaft-less mill roll stand. Face paper and core paper will reach suitable moisture after being heated by the pre-heater machine. Heated again by the single facer machine and hot-press corrugation. Gluing and laminating to produce single flute corrugated cardboard. Lift the single flute corrugated cardboard to the overhead bridge by the lifting mechanism. Slowly delivered by the overhead bridge and Naturally dry to get into shape. Delivery it to the duplex pre-heater machine for further heating. Then come to the glue machine to coat glue. Laminated and come to the double facer machine to adhere and heating. By the cooling duct to get into shape. Then come to the thin blade slitter creaser machine to do creasing and slitting to produce suitable width cardboard. Then come to the Cut off machine to do the transversely cutting to produce the suitable corrugated cardboard.

Automatic“inline flexo printer folder gluer”auto bundle machine

flexo printer folder gluer
flexo printer
Max. design speed(pcs/min)200200160160
Working speed (pcs/min)(according cardboard size and printing )0-1800-1800-1400-140
Max feeding size (mm)900 × 2000900 × 24001200×24001200×2800
Max printing size(mm)850 × 1800850 × 22001150×23501150×2750
Min. feeding size (mm)300 × 765300 × 765360×785360×785
Min fold size240×120240×120250×120250×120
Standard printing plate thickness7.2 mm7.2 mm7.2mm7.2mm
Max. Die cutting size(mm)850 × 1950 mm850 × 2200 mm1150×22001150×2750

AGICO automatic corrugated carton box “inline flexo folder gluer “includes feeding unit, print unit, slotting, die-cutting unit, folder gluer unit and auto bundle unit. It is the economic model inline case maker machine, one time finishing the carton box printing, cutting and gluing. Save labor. Easy operate. It is a popular machine for the middle and small carton box factory.

Automatic corrugated carton box folder gluer and inline auto bundle

Main Technical Parameter
Max Length(A+B)*22600mm(nail)2400(glue)
Min Length(A+B)*2880mm(nail)600mm(glue)
Max Width(C+D+C)1300mm
Min Width(C+D+C)300mm
Push the stick height400mm
A Max 700(mm) A Min 200(mm)B Max 500(mm) B Min 200(mm)(nail)
C Max 400(mm) C Min 50(mm)D Min 120(mm)
A Max 600(mm) A Min 200(mm)B Max 500(mm) b Min 100(mm)(glue)
E 40(mm)E 40(mm) glue wheel width 30(mm)

The automatic corrugated carton box folder gluer machine uses glue to paste the ear of the corrugated carton box. The machine consists of three sections: vacuum feeding section, gluing and folding section, counter and stacker section. Frequency conversion motor with inverter adjusts speed. PLC and Touch screen control system for easy operation and running stable. High speed with the inline auto bundle.

carton machine case

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carton case
carton line case
carton production line case
carton production line delivery
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