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3/5/7ply Automatic Corrugated Paperboard Production Line

corrugated paperboard production line

Composition of Corrugated Paperboard Production Line

The corrugated paperboard production line is composed of two relatively independent process sections: the wet end equipment and the dry end equipment.

The wet end equipment mainly includes the mill roll stand, automatic splicer machine, single-face and double-face corrugated machine , preheater, overbridge, glue machine, and other equipment. The wet end equipment processes the corrugated raw paper into three, five, or seven layers of corrugated paperboard with different flute combinations.

The dry end equipment mainly consists of slitter scorer, cross cutter, and stacker and so on. The dry end equipment performs longitudinal slitting, scoring, cross-cutting, and stacking of corrugated cardboard according to the requirements of the orders.

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Advantages of AGICO’s Corrugated Paperboard Production Line

High Automation Level: The production line boasts advanced automation, reducing the need for manual intervention and streamlining the manufacturing process. This leads to increased productivity and decreased reliance on manual labor.

Convenient Operation and Maintenance: The system is designed for user-friendly operation and easy maintenance. Operators can quickly adapt to the equipment, resulting in minimal downtime and increased overall efficiency.

High Production Efficiency: With its automated processes and optimized workflow, the production line achieves remarkable speed and efficiency, enabling faster output and quicker order fulfillment.

Superior Paperboard Quality: The production line ensures consistent and high-quality paperboard production. The precision and reliability of the machinery result in top-notch paperboard with excellent structural integrity and strength.

Versatile Order Accommodation: Our corrugated paperboard production line is capable of handling a wide range of order specifications, accommodating both small and large quantities efficiently. This flexibility ensures that customer demands can be met promptly.

High-Quality and Efficient Output: Customers can rely on the production line to deliver high-quality corrugated paperboard consistently. The combination of automation and precision results in reliable output with minimal defects.

Energy and Labor Saving: The production line is engineered to optimize energy consumption, reducing operational costs. Additionally, its high level of automation leads to decreased labor requirements, maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Reduced Material Waste: Our corrugated paperboard production line’s precision and accuracy help minimize material waste during the manufacturing process, contributing to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable production approach.

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Production Process of Corrugated Paperboard Production Line

Firstly, the paper rolls are placed on the mill roller stand in a specific direction. Each web of paper is preheated using a preheater to heat its surface and facilitate adhesion. The corrugated raw paper undergoes preheating and moisture adjustment through a pre-conditioner before being fed into the single facer to ensure the paper’s smoothness.

Subsequently, the corrugated raw paper enters the single facer for corrugation, adhesive application, and bonding with the liner paper, forming single-faced corrugated board. After the production of single-faced corrugated board, it is lifted by a conveyor and conveyed to the overbridge conveyor frame, passing through a brake to enter the preheater.

Next, the two types of single-faced corrugated boards are separately fed into the gluer for adhesive application. The liner paper undergoes another round of preheating. The three components are then fed into the double facer’s drying equipment for bonding and drying.

After the corrugated board is heat-bonded, it goes through a cooling process to allow the evaporated moisture to escape. Once the board cools down on the conveyor belt of the drying equipment, it is cut horizontally to specific dimensions using a computerized cross-cutting knife. Finally, the boards are conveyed to the stacker and neatly piled up.

3ply corrugated paperboard production line 2D drawing
3ply corrugated paperboard production line
5ply corrugated paperboard production line
7ply corrugated paperboard production line
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Equipmemt of Corrugated Paperboard Production Line

Mill roll stand (hydraulic shaftless/electric)

Liner Preheater (Liner / Corrugated paper)

High-speed single facers


Glue machines


Double facer

Thin blade slitter scorer

Cut off

Automatic stacking machine

Glue making system

Heating System

Electrical Control System

Production Management System

Other Production Line Auxiliary Systems

Product Display

Basket type automatic stacking machine
Duplex cut off
Cutting machine
Double facer
Fingerless type single facer
Gantry type delivery stacker
Glue machine
Hydraulic mill roll stand
Multi cassette positive pressure single facer
Splicer machine
Thin blade slitter scorer
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Why choose AGICO’s Corrugated Paperboard Production Line

AGICO possesses over two hundred sets of advanced production equipment, including multiple sets of machining centers, CNC machine tools, and CNC drilling machines. It has successively developed and produced dozens of varieties and specifications of supporting carton packaging equipment, such as high-speed corrugated paperboard production lines, high-speed printing and gluing box linkage lines, fully computerized high-definition printing machines, high-speed carton printing slotting die-cutting machines, etc. The annual output reaches 200 sets of high-end intelligent integrated carton production line projects.

Our products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions, including the United States, Spain, Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, the Netherlands, etc. The company has established a technical research and development center and has obtained 7 utility model patents and 1 invention patent. It has also passed the ISO 9001:2008 international quality management system certification.

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