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Folder Gluer Machine

Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

automatic folder gluer machine

Advantages of AGICO’s automatic folder gluer machine

Enhanced Precision and Efficiency

The incorporation of digital speed control and PLC computer-controlled width adjustment ensures unparalleled precision in carton production. This results in consistent folding and gluing quality, minimizing errors and reducing wastage. The synchronized dual-frequency conversion operation further optimizes efficiency, allowing for seamless coordination between different sections of the machine.

Automated Operations

The automated features of this machine streamline the production process, significantly reducing manual intervention. With automatic paper feeding, glue application, folding, counting, and stacking, labor requirements are minimized, and human error is greatly diminished. This leads to increased output and improved overall efficiency.

Impressive Speed Range

This machine is capable of maintaining an average carton sticking speed of 150 meters per minute, with a remarkable peak speed of 220 sheets per minute. This versatile speed range caters to a wide spectrum of production needs, from high-volume orders to more intricate and detailed carton designs.

User-Friendly Interface

The user interface is designed for ease of operation, providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Operators can easily set and adjust parameters, monitor production progress, and address any issues that may arise during the process. This reduces training time and empowers operators to efficiently manage the machine.

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Parameter of automatic folder gluer machine

Max. Cardboard size1000×2000mm1000×2400mm1200×2400mm1600×3000mm
Min. Cardboard size170×45mm300×800mm170×450mm300×700mm
Installation area2400×13500mm2800×15500mm3500×14500mm4500×16000mm
Required Power10kw11.5kw11.5kw15kw

Automatic Stitching and Gluing Machine

The fully automatic stitching and gluing machine consists of four parts: paper feeding section, folding section, stitching section, and counting stacking section. It features variable frequency speed regulation for simple and reliable operation. The digital display control, PLC computer modulation, and dual frequency conversion synchronous operation provide a user-friendly, efficient, and accurate control mode. It offers automatic paper feeding, automatic stapling and folding, automatic counting, and automatic stack output. The machine operates at high speed while being energy-efficient, resulting in reduced labor costs.

Product Features and Advantages

  • The entire machine is controlled by a computer, making single-operation adjustment easy and straightforward.
  • The control system employs a PLC control system and a touch screen human-machine interface for convenient operation.
  • The paper feeding section utilizes vacuum adsorption and a front-edge belt to ensure the alignment of the cardboard.
  • The stapling heads are imported, achieving a mechanical speed of 600 nails per minute.
  • The nail spacing can be adjusted between 30 and 100mm.
  • Single nail, double nail, and simultaneous nail insertion can be achieved, catering to different customer requirements for nail types.
  • Suitable for three-layer, five-layer, and seven-layer corrugated cardboard (special instructions needed for seven layers).
  • Changing box sizes and adjusting box nail spacing can be completed in just a few minutes, saving significant time and ensuring ease of operation.

Parameter of stitching gluing machine

Model/Parameter (mm)
Max. paper size (mm)260
Min. paper size (mm)750
Max. carton A length (mm)800
Min. carton A length (mm)220
Max. carton B width (mm)780
Min. carton B width (mm)130
Max. paper height (C+D+C) (mm)1200
Min. paper height (C+D+C) (mm)300
Max. rock cover size (mm)350
Min. rock cover size (mm)50
Max. width of the tongue (mm)40
Nail distance (mm)30-100
Number of Nails0-99
Stitching speed (per/min)600
Weight (T)5T

Semi-automatic carton gluer machine

Consist of semi-auto carton gluer machine: machine frame, adjustable lifting worktable, a front-end conveying device, a front-end alignment device, a middle-section conveying device, a middle-section compression device, a finished product side output device, and an electrical control device.

Parameter of the semi-auto carton gluer machine

Max. size (length+width) ×22460mm
Min. size (length+width) ×2340mm
Max. size (width+height) ×21515mm
Min. size (width+height) ×2240mm
Paper height900mm
Engine power2.2kw
Working speed40m/min
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