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One-side Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Automatic one-side corrugated cardboard production line

Parameters of AGICO’s corrugated cardboard production line

Effective width:1600—2200mmMaximum speed:150m/Min
Number of longitudinal cutting blades:5Minimum longitudinal cutting width:180mm
Blade changing time:1—3sBlade changing accuracy:0.5mm
Cross-cut length:300~9999mmCross-cut accuracy:1mm (constant speed)
Stacking height:250~600mm (customizable)Maximum length of cardboard stacking:1600mm

Advantages of Our corrugated cardboard production line

Constant Tension Cardboard Conveying for Seamless Performance

One of the key highlights of this advanced system is the constant tension cardboard conveying mechanism. The system is intricately synchronized with the single-faced machine speed, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted movement of the cardboard throughout the production process. This synchronization eliminates any possible disruptions, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Longitudinal Cutting with Alloy Steel Thin Blade

The longitudinal cutting process is vital in cardboard manufacturing, and the machinery employs an alloy steel thin blade for this purpose. The blade’s design allows for automatic grinding, ensuring a prolonged blade life and maintaining a consistently high cutting quality. This results in precise and clean cuts, minimizing waste and optimizing material usage.

Independent Servo-Controlled Blades

Each blade used in the cutting process is independently servo-controlled, enabling precise and efficient job scheduling. The servo control system offers fast and reliable adjustments, allowing for quick adaptation to different cardboard sizes and cutting requirements. This level of control ensures enhanced productivity and flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Frequency-Modulated Electric Motor and Inverter Control

The longitudinal cutting speed is expertly controlled by a frequency-modulated electric motor and inverter system. This control system ensures perfect synchronization with the cardboard speed, further enhancing the precision of the cutting process. As a result, the machinery operates at optimal efficiency, reducing energy consumption and production costs.

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Precision Engineered Alloy Steel Spiral Knife Shaft

The machinery features an alloy steel seamless steel pipe spiral knife shaft, which undergoes precision processing and dynamic balancing. This design results in high rigidity and low inertia, allowing for smooth and precise cutting operations. The balanced knife shaft minimizes vibrations, reducing wear and tear on the equipment and extending its lifespan.

German Kobe AC Servo Controller for Blade Control

The cross-cutting blade control is entrusted to the German Kobe AC servo controller. Known for its precision and reliability, this controller ensures accurate blade movements, contributing to the overall efficiency and quality of the cutting process. The use of this advanced controller reflects the commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology.

Electrically Adjustable Waste Suction Positions

Efficient waste management is critical in any manufacturing process, and this advanced system excels in this aspect. During reel change, the left and right waste suction positions can be electrically adjusted, facilitating seamless waste removal. This feature minimizes downtime and ensures continuous operation, boosting overall productivity.

High-Quality Castings for Long-Term Stability

To ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment, high-quality castings are employed in the cross-cutting section’s housing. These castings undergo strict aging treatment and precision processing, enhancing their durability and reliability. This robust construction guarantees consistent performance even under demanding production conditions.

Details of our products

Semi-automatic one-side corrugated cardboard production line

Features of AGICO’s one-side corrugated cardboard production line

Continuous Production of One-side Corrugated Cardboard

The heart of this groundbreaking system lies in its ability to continuously produce single-sided corrugated cardboard. Using roll paper combined with a potato or cornstarch binder, the process does not need additional drying, resulting in substantial time and energy savings. This continuous production ensures a steady supply of cardboard, meeting the required specifications without compromising on quality.

Versatility in Multi-Layer Cardboard Production

The ingenuity of this machinery shines when used in conjunction with a glue machine or laminating machine. By incorporating these components, the system can produce corrugated cardboard with more than three layers. This adaptability opens up new possibilities, allowing manufacturers to meet diverse customer demands efficiently.

The Pinnacle of Technological Advancement

At the core of this single-sided corrugated cardboard manufacturing system lies its technologically advanced features. Boasting a rational and well-engineered structure, the machinery optimizes every aspect of the production process. The cutting-edge technology employed ensures the production of high-quality cardboard, setting new standards for the industry.

Single facer
roll mill stand electric
Electrical roll mill stand
Splicer machine
small gantry-type stacking machine
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High Efficiency and User-Friendly Operation

The system’s advanced design enables it to achieve exceptional efficiency without compromising on quality. The carefully synchronized components work in harmony, streamlining the production process and minimizing waste. This heightened efficiency translates to reduced operational costs and increased profitability for manufacturers.

In addition to its remarkable performance, the system offers unparalleled ease of operation. Intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces make it accessible to operators of varying experience levels. With minimal training, personnel can harness the full potential of the machinery, maximizing its productivity.

The Ideal Equipment for Carton Production

Undoubtedly, this single-sided corrugated cardboard manufacturing system emerges as the ideal equipment for producing cartons. Its ability to consistently deliver top-quality cardboard, coupled with its versatility in multi-layer production, makes it a game-changer in the packaging industry.

The system’s advantages extend beyond its technical prowess. Its contribution to sustainability, thanks to the use of potato or cornstarch binders, aligns with eco-conscious manufacturing practices. By reducing the reliance on traditional binders, the system promotes a more environmentally friendly approach to cardboard production.

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