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2000p/h Egg Tray & Egg Box Production Line Shipped to Zambia

A new line 2000pc/hr egg tray & egg box production line was shipped to Zambia via Dar-Es-Salam. Besides the standard egg tray production line, the customer increased the egg box 12 cells moulds and ordered two sets hot pressing machine. The customer could produce the egg box 12 cells also by changing the moulds on the forming machine. The egg tray drying method selected by the customer is brick kiln drying.

Below are some pictures for reference.

2000p/h egg tray machinery

Pulping machine
Paper pulping machine
Paper pulping machine
Pulping machine

The main machinery used in the pulping process is exactly the paper pulping machine, which is also called paper pulper machine.

DT 3×4 egg tray machine
DT 3×4 egg tray machine
4 side egg tray machine
4-side egg tray machine

The egg tray machine with 4 sides. Output is higher than single side, mould quantity also increases significantly. Applicable industries include poultry breeding, animal husbandry, agriculture, carton production, printing and paper industry.

More shipping pictures

egg box production line was shipped to Zambia
egg box production line
egg box production line to Zambia
2000pcs egg tray production line
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