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2000pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line Put into Production in Nepal

After six-month of transportation and installation, AGICO’s 2000pcs/h egg tray production line has successfully been put into production.


Congratulations that one Nepal customer ordered paper egg tray making machine of 2000pcs/h with natural drying (Model ZMDT3*4) from AGICO Group at the beginning of New Year 2022. After negotiation, the customer finally accept our professional suggestion to choose the most economical egg tray production line with natural drying within his budget. The line will be arranged to ship in March 2022.

Every egg tray production line is customized as customers demand, AGICO group team commit itself to provide professional solutions for every customer who produce egg tray, egg box, fruits tray and other industrial pulp package production.

paper egg tray making machine


Nepal customer ordered an paper egg tray making machine with a capacity of 2,000pcs/h from AGICO Group. On March 16, 2022, the whole line was successfully loaded and delivered.

paper egg tray making machine loading
paper egg tray making machine case

The southern area of Nepal always has high temperature, so the client chose natural drying. Our client not only ordered the paper egg tray making machine from AGICO, but also customized two sets of molds. We carefully adjusted the equipment and checked the quantity before delivery.

paper egg tray making machine live shot
paper egg tray making machine pulp making


The ZMDT3*4-2000pcs/h type egg tray equipment ordered by Nepalese customer from our company was successfully put into production at the end of August. After detailed communication of our company’s professional and technical personnel, such as online installation, equipment debugging, mold debugging, production guidance and so on, our customer successfully put into production at the end of August, and the quality of egg tray products was highly recognized by local customers.

After placing the equipment according to the layout diagram provided by us, the customer arranged for the electrical staff to connect the line, and our technical staff had a final confirmation.

Nepal egg tray machine install

Civil construction is under construction according to the drawings provided by AGICO’s engineers one month before the launch of the goods. When the equipment arrived, the slurry pool and water pool had been built already, therefore, our customers could immediately install and debug the equipment efficiently.

Nepal egg tray machine delivery

To enable the whole installation process to be conducted quickly and effectively, AGICO provides 3D drawings and construction drawings and gives step-by-step installation tutorials for the customer. Now, the egg tray production line is being installed smoothly.

Nepal egg tray machine install draw
Nepal egg tray delivery

Installation Service

While the equipment and circuit are installed and tested, we guided the customer to debug the mold on-site through video phone under the professional guidance of our technology, so that the transfer mold and forming mold can be adjusted in the best working condition.

After adjusting the mold and testing the state of the equipment, we then gradually guided the customer to adjust the proportion and operation steps. Finally, the customer passed the trial and successfully produced the egg tray product, and the quality was highly recognized.

This set of equipment will be officially put into production in September. In view of the successful production of egg trays, our customer is very satisfied with the equipment and service of AGICO group. At present, we are negotiating with customers to order other equipment.

Congratulations again on the successful production of the egg tray business, and thanks for their trust in the AGICO Group.

finished product nepal
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