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7000pcs Egg Tray Production Line Successfully Install in Zambia

A leading egg tray manufacturer is celebrating the successful export and installation of a ZMDT6x8 fully automatic thermal oil drying multi-layer metal egg tray production line to Zambia. The production line has been meticulously installed and fine-tuned, earning high praise and satisfaction from the esteemed client.
The advanced production line, designed for optimal efficiency and precision, reflects the manufacturer’s commitment to delivering top-notch solutions in the egg tray manufacturing industry. The client in Zambia expressed great contentment with the seamless installation and impeccable performance of the equipment.

Upon arrival at the site in Lusaka, our dedicated engineering team commenced the assembly of the production line with meticulous precision. Each component, from the pulping system to the molding machine, drying system, and associated machinery, was expertly installed and meticulously calibrated to optimize efficiency and performance.

Central to the success of this installation was the implementation of an automatic drying system, a key feature that significantly enhances the production process by ensuring the timely and efficient drying of egg trays. Our engineers meticulously configured and fine-tuned this system to harmonize with the production line, enabling the seamless transition of wet trays to the drying phase without compromising productivity.

7000 tray machine
7000 tray machine full set

The ZMDT6x8 fully automatic production line boasts features such as thermal oil drying and multiple layers of metal, ensuring not only efficient production but also environmental sustainability. The client’s satisfaction underscores the company’s reputation for delivering high-quality and innovative machinery.
This successful export marks another milestone for AGICO in contributing to the global adoption of advanced egg tray manufacturing technology. The company looks forward to further collaborations and opportunities to provide cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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