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6000pcs Egg Tray Production Line was Installed in Jordan

One of our model projects in the region is under construction, and the egg tray equipment shipped to Jordan is being installed and commissioned.

Photos of egg tray equipment being installed

DT 5×8 egg tray making machine is a very popular egg tray equipment, which meets the needs of customers with high production.

6000pcs Egg Tray Production Line

  • Model: ZMDT5×8-5000
  • Output: 5000 p/h
  • Power: 100 kw/h
  • Mould Quantity: 40
egg tray equipment
DT 5×8 egg tray making machine

Most of our customers choose metal drying line. You can choose by combining your own site and local climate. We will provide the best egg tray production scheme according to the needs of customers.

egg tray drying line
Egg tray drying line---metal drying

Details of egg tray equipment

egg tray equipment details
egg tray equipment detail
details of egg tray equipment

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