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1500pcs Egg Tray Machinery Ordered by Zambian Customers

In mid August, 1500pcs egg tray machinery and the drying production line ordered by Zambian customers were shipped. Below are some photos and brief introduction of loading and delivery.

Pulping machine

Pulping is the first step in the production of egg tray, which is to make waste paper into pulp so that it can be compressed into egg tray in the next step. Pulping machine is a main auxiliary machine in egg tray machinery. Pulping machine is not only the head of egg tray production line, but also an important equipment.

pulping machine
Pulping machine

1500pcs egg tray machine

Egg tray machine is the core machinery. 1500pcs egg tray machine is a small egg tray machine, which can meet the needs of chicken farms or customers with small output egg tray production.

1500pcs Egg Tray Production Line

  • Model: ZMDT4×1-1500
  • Output: 1500 pcs/h
  • Power: 27.3kw/h, 38.6kw/h
  • Mould Quantity: 4
egg tray machinery
1500pcs egg tray machine
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1500pcs egg tray machinery
Delivery of egg tray machinery

Provide customers with first-hand egg tray production materials and factory direct selling prices. Egg tray machinery can not only produce egg tray, but also produce paper pulp molding such as shoe tray and apple tray as long as the mold is changed. We provide customers with 1000-7000pcs/hour egg tray machinery, you can consult us according to the output.

Of course, the full set of application and installation of egg tray machinery also need to consider the user’s site, local climate, voltage, etc. We will provide a complete production scheme of egg tray machine according to the situation of customers. Finally, the installation and smooth operation of egg tray machinery are realized.

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