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Egg Tray Moulding Machine Deliver to Kuwait

We take immense pride in proclaiming the successful completion of an entire assemblage of our cutting-edge ZMDT6-8: 7000PCS/H Egg tray moulding line, replete with a fully automated Multi-layer metal dryer adorned with Aluminum molds, and its timely dispatch to one of our esteemed clientele in Kuwait during the mid of July. The felicitations from the customer further affirm the excellence of our endeavor!

The Multi-layer metal drying process is an ingeniously automated and energy-efficient drying technique, effortlessly harvesting greater yields within a compact space.

We conscientiously carried out trial runs and rigorous testing of the machinery, ensuring its seamless operation before setting it forth on its voyage. Our objective was to demonstrate the utmost competence of each delivery.

AGICO commands a preeminent position as a leading manufacturer of egg tray moulding machine, which finds extensive applications in the domains of poultry farming and industrial packaging. Owing to the superlative quality of our offerings and unwaveringly reliable services, our company has garnered a commendable repute in foreign markets. Should our machine arouse your interest, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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