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1500 pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line Successfully Arrived in Rwanda

AGICO’s customer in Rwanda received 3*1500pcs egg tray machine and gave us compliments for our high-quality products and perfect package. At present, our technicians are assisting our clients to install the egg tray machine and build the pool depending on the specific drawings we designed for our customer. 

AGICO provides considerate service for our customers. If you have any question or business idea, please contact our professional support team.

Egg Production Line Arrival & Factory Construction

egg pulp tray installation
pulp tray AGICO machine
egg tray making machine installation
egg tray making case
delivery egg tray Rwanda
egg tray shelf Rwanda

On-site Installation Debugging

Our Rwandan customer installed ZMDT1X4 — a 1500 pcs/h egg tray production line, via remote installation and debugging, under our precise tech support and guidance, after debugging proximity switches, time relays, cable wiring, pulp concentration adjust and other key points,  finally succeeded in producing satisfactory egg trays. Although the egg tray machine goes smoothly and the finished product is successfully produced, our service has not yet been terminated. We will continue our timely response and solve the problems encountered with our clients together during the production ASAP. All in all, Choosing us is choosing high-quality pulp molding equipment and assured service.

Rwandan installation
Cable Wire Connection Rwanda
Cable Wire Connection
Rwandan installation egg tray

Specific Installation Drawing and 3D Installation Mode

egg tray design Rwanda
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