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Raw material of 10000pcs/h egg tray production line

The main raw material for making pulp by 10,000pcs/h egg tray production line is waste paper, which is rich in source and low in price, and belongs to the comprehensive development and utilization of waste. The water used in the production process is used in a closed cycle, no waste water or waste gas is discharged. After the pulp molding products are used, the waste can be recycled and reused like ordinary paper. Substances are all environmentally friendly products.

Pulp molding products can be widely used in the inner packaging of various commodities such as eggs, fruits, bottled beverages, glass ceramic products, handicrafts, small machinery, parts, electronics, electrical products, toys and other commodities, gradually replacing EPS. Foam plastic and corrugated paper backing not only have good protection performance and cushioning performance, reduce product damage, improve packaging quality, but also reduce costs, do not pollute the environment, and can be recycled and reused.

AGICO’s ZMDT8*8-10000 egg tray production line

ZMDT8*8-9000pcs/hr full automatic pulp egg tray processing equipment can realize automatic production. This egg tray equipment can produce various specifications of egg trays, pulp coffee cup holders, fruit trays, medical pulp trays and other pulp molded products.

Parameters of ZMDT8*8-10000 egg tray production line

Capacity/hrTemplate size
Mould quantityPaperForming cyclePowerWater

Drying method of ZMDT8*8-10000 egg tray production line

  • Natural drying: the products are naturally dried by sunlight and natural breeze
  • Civil engineering drying: build a drying room with bricks
  • Metal drying: Wet egg trays are automatically transported into metal drying tunnel by conveyor belt. (Heat energy: coal, natural gas (LNG), diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), heat transfer oil, steam, etc)
Dry naturally under the sun
Natural drying
Civil engineering drying
Civil engineering drying
Multilayer metal drying
Metal drying

Advantages of AGICO’s 10000pcs egg tray production line

The 8×8 egg tray machine is a high-efficiency, low-energy-consumption and stable equipment.

  1. The host adopts Taiwan gear divider technology to achieve zero error of equipment operation.
  2. The base of the main engine is made of thickened 16# channel steel, and the transmission shaft is precision machined with 45# round steel.
  3. The transmission bearings of the main engine all adopt Havalo bearings.
  4. The main engine positioning slide is welded with 45# steel plate after heat treatment.
  5. Slurry pump, water pump, vacuum pump, air compressor, etc. are all selected.
  6. The motor of the whole machine adopts domestic well-known suppliers.

Automatic egg tray production line with 10000pcs/h

After pulping, molding, drying, packing and other steps, old newspapers, magazines, cartons and other waste paper are finally processed into egg trays.

Raw materials
Raw material
High consistency hydraulic pulper
packing machine

Final Products

final products for 10000 egg tray production line

Video of our successful project of 10000 pcs egg tray line

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