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2000pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line

2000pcs/h egg tray production line is suitable for mass production of egg tray, fruit tray, wine tray and other paper pulp molded products. It can meet the demand of 2000 pieces per hour for egg tray manufacturers. There are many types of egg trays. Different molds can be replaced to produce various types of industrial packaging (pulp molding). Because the whole egg tray production process is recycling waste, no pollution source, so it is called green environmental protection machinery.

Egg tray production process

Egg tray production process includes pulping, molding, drying and packing.

2000pcs/h egg tray production line is mainly composed of egg tray molding machine, hydraulic pulper, vacuum dehydrator, air compressor, drying oven and other machinery. The egg tray molding machine is 4-side rotary egg tray machine.

Pulping machine

high consistency hydraulic pulper
High consistency hydraulic pulping machine (pulper)

4-side rotary egg tray machine

3×4 egg tray machine
DT 3×4 egg tray machine

Drying system

Multilayer metal drying
Multilayer metal drying line
Single-layer metal drying line
Single layer metal drying line
Civil engineering drying
Civil engineering drying line
Brick room with carts
Brick room with carts


Egg tray production
Egg tray stacker
Egg tray stacker
Egg tray stacker
packing machine
Egg tray packing machine (packer)
Packing machine
Egg tray packing machine (packer)

Models of 2000pcs/h egg tray production line

Production line modelsOutput(p/h)Pulping machineEgg tray machineDrying type
ZMDT3×4-20002000ZDS1(1m³)DT3×4(12 moulds)Natural drying
ZMDT3×4-2000TCivil engineering
ZMDT3×4-2000J1Single layer metal
ZMDT3×4-2000J6Multilayer metal

Consumption table of 2000pcs/h egg tray production line

ModelsDrying typeMaterial(kg/h)Power(kw/h)Fuel(kg/h)
ZMDT3×4-2000Natural drying17051036.8    
ZMDT3×4-2000TCivil engineering45.38337-4730-4030-40
ZMDT3×4-2000J1Single layer metal52.1 37-4730-4030-40
ZMDT3×4-2000J6Multilayer metal52.1 37-4730-40


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ROI of 2000pcs/h egg tray production line (with natural drying)

The following cost analysis, considering the site customer-owned.Only raw material consumption costs are accounted:daily working time of egg tray machine is 16 hours,26 working days per month,85 grams per egg tray,water is recycled in the actual production.


Unit price

(based on Chinese price)

Input cost /h

Waste paper













4 people/shift




Output cost/h

Egg trays








Daily profit



Monthly profit



Annual profit(12 months)


The waste paper is put into the pulp machine and transported to the slurry storage tank with water. The slurry in the slurry storage tank is evenly mixed by the mixer and transferred to the slurry supply tank. The mixed slurry is transferred to the rotary egg tray machine with a certain concentration to produce egg trays. The egg trays are carried on the conveyor belt, which goes through the drying system to dry the egg trays, and then they can be received and packaged. In addition, the vacuum pump can pump the unused water from rotary egg tray machine back to the tank, so as to transfer the water to the pulper and the slurry storage tank, so as to recycle the water.

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2000pcs egg tray production line

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A new line 2000pc/hr egg tray & egg box production line was shipped to Zambia via Dar-Es-Salam. Besides the standard egg tray production line, the customer increased the egg box 12 cells moulds and ordered two sets hot pressing machine.

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