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3000pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line

3×8-3000J6 egg tray production line
  • Model: ZMDT3×8-3000
  • Output: 3000 pcs/h
  • Power: 88.9 kw/h
  • Mould Quantity: 24

Model table of 3000pcs/h egg tray production line

Production line modelsOutput(p/h)Pulping machineEgg tray machineDrying type
ZMDT3×8-3000T3000ZDS2(2m³)DT3×8(24 moulds)Civil engineering
ZMDT3×8-3000J1Single layer metal
ZMDT3×8-3000J6Multilayer metal

Consumption table of 3000pcs/h egg tray production line

ModelsDrying typeMaterial(kg/h)Power(kw/h)Fuel(kg/h)
ZMDT3×8-3000TCivil engineering25576588.912556-6646-5646-56
ZMDT3×8-3000J1Single layer metal88.9 56-6646-5646-56
ZMDT3×8-3000J6Multilayer metal88.9 56-6646-5646-56


How to make egg tray?

Many people don’t know how to choose the raw materials and the process of making egg trays. There are many kinds of pulp for making egg tray, and there are many steps in the process of making pulp. In order to make the raw material pulp of egg tray cheaper and environmentally friendly, and make the egg tray better in quality and long-term use, our paper egg tray making machine company will give the following explanation.

  1. The paper pulp molded egg tray, the paper pulp molded egg box, the paper pulp molded fruit tray and other tray products are made of waste newspaper, waste carton paper, waste printed matter, and leftover materials from various paper products factories, which are prepared into a certain concentration of pulp by hydraulic crushing, filtration, water injection and other processes, and then vacuum adsorbed on a special metal mold to form wet blank products, the formed green body is then dried and hot pressed.
  2. In the drying line, the main drying energy can be diesel, natural gas and LPG. According to the local price of these kinds of energy, customers can choose the cheaper one. Coal or heavy oil can also be used, but it needs to be used by steam or heat transfer oil boiler, and the investment cost and floor area of the equipment will increase.
  3. The water used in the production process is closed and recycled, and no waste water and waste gas are discharged. After the pulp molding products are used, their wastes can be recycled like ordinary paper. Even if abandoned in the natural environment, it is as easy to decompose into organic matter as ordinary paper. It is a completely environmental friendly product.

Pulp molded egg tray, pulp molded egg box, pulp molded fruit tray and other tray products have been used in the world for more than 60 years, with its good protection. AGICO paper egg tray making machine is well made with exquisite technology. It can only leave the factory after passing several inspection procedures.

CNC cutting technology for paper egg tray making machine

Our factory now adopts CNC cutting technology, including plasma cutting and laser cutting. The error of steel cut by this technology is within 0.1mm, and the precision is quite high. The high precision ensures the normal operation and service life of paper egg tray making machine. Taking the 8-side rotary paper egg tray making machine as an example, using the numerical control cutting technology, the eight sides are cut close to the regular octagon. This high precision is conducive to reducing the wear and tear of the rotary drum, reducing the failure rate, and improving the service life of the paper egg tray making machine. It’s the same with other parts. High precision leads to high efficiency.

In paper egg tray making machine factory, our company’s quality inspection department will strictly check, layer upon layer of testing, to ensure that not a unqualified product factory. The inspection includes the parts of paper egg tray making machine, the successful trial run in our factory, and the production of qualified egg tray products. All data can reach the normal level before leaving the factory.

Successful cases

finished product nepal
2000pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line Put into Production in Nepal
egg tray 3D design Rwanda
1500pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line Successfully Arrived in Rwanda
install Ethiopian debug 255
1000pcs (ZMDT3X1) Egg Tray Production Line Was Installed Successfully in Ethiopia
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