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6000pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line

Through long-term practical experience, our factory supplies egg tray production line with 6000 pieces/hour and various molding dies for our customers. The production line can meet the needs of some customers who want to produce egg tray quickly and efficiently.

Introduction of 6000pcs/h egg tray production line

The egg tray production speed of 6000pcs/h is very fast. In order to carry out the production smoothly, a complete set of egg tray production line with pulping, molding, drying and packaging is necessary. Of course, the core machine is still the egg tray machine.

Schematic diagram of complete egg tray production line

A complete egg tray production line is also called full-automatic egg tray production line. As shown in the diagram above, the production line includes pulping system , molding system, drying system and packaging systems. The corresponding production equipment of these four systems are called pulping machine, egg tray machine, drying line, stacker and packer.

6000pcs automatic egg tray production line
Full-automatic egg tray production line with multilayer metal drying

Model table of 6000pcs/h egg tray production line

Production line modelsOutput(p/h)Pulping machineEgg tray machineDrying type
ZMDT5×12-6000T6000ZDS6(6m³)DT5×12(60 moulds)Civil engineering
ZMDT5×12-6000J1Single layer metal
ZMDT5×12-6000J6Multilayer metal

Consumption table of 6000pcs/h egg tray production line

ModelsDrying typeMaterial(kg/h)Power(kw/h)Fuel(kg/h)
ZMDT5×12-6000TCivil engineering510153015820892-10377-8777-87
ZMDT5×12-6000J1Single layer metal105 92-10377-8777-87
ZMDT5×12-6000J6Multilayer metal105 92-10377-8777-87

Notes: 1. The above data is calculated according to the weight of each egg tray of 100g. 2. The above data is calculated as pure pulp without adding stone powder. If 20-30% stone powder is added, the actual consumption of paper is 70-80% of the above data. Contact us for more details.

DT5×12 egg tray making machine with 6000pcs/h

DT5×12 egg tray making machine’s output is 6000 pieces per hour, it also be called automatic egg tray machine or full-automatic egg tray making machine. The egg tray machine is suitable for customers with long-term investment plans. Due to the high degree of automation, only 3-5 people are needed for the whole production line. High return on investment.

5000-6000pcs egg tray machine
DT5×12 egg tray making machine

Egg tray drying line you can choose

As a conscience manufacturer, we recommend multilayer metal drying or civil engineering drying to customers.

  1. For the production of 6000 pieces per hour and full-automatic egg tray making machine, these two drying lines are the most suitable.
  2. Multilayer metal drying line covers a small area, and the budget of the single-layer metal drying line is similar to that of the multi-layer metal drying main line.
  3. The cost of civil engineering drying is relatively low and the drying effect is good.
Multilayer metal drying

Multilayer metal drying line

Civil engineering drying

Civil engineering drying line

Support machine for 6000pcs/h egg tray production line

  1. Pulping machine processes raw materials into paper pulp to prepare for the work of egg tray making machine.
  2. Stacker is a device of the automatic egg tray production line. It can stack the dried egg trays. Each dozen egg trays can be set to a fixed number.
  3. The packer is used as the last step before the egg tray is sold. It can compress the air between stacked egg trays and reduce storage and transportation space.
High consistency hydraulic pulper
Pulping machine
Egg tray stacker
packing machine
Packing machine

More molding dies you can choose

Different molds

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