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7000pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line

In order to obtain the maximum commercial profit, egg tray manufacturers need high-quality, high yield, efficient and economical egg tray machine as support. Now we launch a new egg tray machine, which can meet the needs of egg tray manufacturers.

DT 6×8 egg tray making machine

We have launched a new high-yield egg tray machine, which can produce 7000 pieces per hour. DT 6*8 egg tray making machine is the egg tray making machine. The machine has 8 sides, each side has 6 molds, the total number of molds is 48.

6×8 egg tray machine
DT 6×8 egg tray making machine
5*12 egg tray making machine
DT 5×12 egg tray making machine

Compared with DT 5*12 egg tray making machine, DT 6*8 egg tray making machine has higher output, fewer molds and higher cost performance. The machine can meet the requirements of the production of egg tray manufacturers. If you want to produce high yield, choose the egg tray machine. This is the most cost-effective high-yield egg tray making machine developed by our factory.

7000pcs egg tray production line

7000pcs Egg Tray Production Line

7000pcs Egg Tray Production Line

New Type, More Economical

Model: ZMDT6×8-7000
Output: 6000-7000 p/h
Mould Quantity: 48

6000pcs automatic egg tray production line

6000pcs Egg Tray Production Line

Model: ZMDT5×12-6000
Output: 6000 p/h
Power: 105 kw/h
Mould Quantity: 60

The two production lines are very similar, the difference is the egg tray making machine. If customers need high-yield egg tray machine or egg tray production line, you can consult us. We will launch the most suitable machine for you according to your needs.

The egg tray production line is the same as other egg tray production lines, including pulping, molding, drying and packaging. You can choose automatic egg tray production line.

The whole 7000 piece automatic egg tray machine production line mainly consists of the following parts.

Successful case of 7000pcs egg tray production line

Pulping system

Pulping is an essential part in the process of pulp molding. We can make waste paper such as old newspapers, magazines and cartons into a certain concentration of pulp by crushing, screening and adding chemical additives.

The main equipment of pulp system includes hydraulic pulper, vibrating screen, concentration controller, agitator, automatic adding pulp system, pulp pump, water pump, control cabinet, pulp barrel, water barrel, etc. According to the different requirements for the quality of finished products, it is appropriate to select and increase the concentrated pulp and refined pulp equipment, such as pressure screen, refiner, etc.

Molding system

Through the vacuum action, the slurry can be evenly attached to the special molding mold to form the wet blank products, and then transferred to the drying system.

6×8 egg tray machine
DT 6×8 egg tray making machine

Drying system

For the high-yield egg tray production line, the manufacturer of egg tray usually chooses the automatic egg tray production line. In addition to the choice of egg tray machine, the choice of drying system is also important. So how to choose suitable drying system?

Natural drying is suitable for small yield egg tray. Single layer metal drying requires more floor space. Besides, there are multi-layer metal drying and civil engineering drying. Customers can choose according to their own plant size, energy situation and actual demand.

For high-yield egg support production line, in order to meet the drying requirements, site requirements and budget requirements, it is better to choose multi-layer metal drying.

Civil engineering drying
Civil engineering drying
Box-type drying
Single layer metal drying
single-layer metal drying
Multilayer metal drying
Multi-layer metal drying

Packing system

After shaping and drying, the egg tray products are basically shaped. The finished egg tray products can be put into storage after manual finishing or packaging.

When paper pulp molded products are produced in large batches on an automated production assembly line, manual stacking of these products can become challenging and labor-intensive. An automatic stacking machine is designed to automatically arrange and count the products coming out of the drying line, thus reducing the physical workload for production workers and minimizing the need for additional personnel in the production workshop.

The automatic stacking machine operates by tracking the trajectory of the products as they move along the drying line. It uses guiding rails to direct the products into the stacking mechanism. Additionally, optical sensors scan each product as it passes, automatically counting them and sending signals to the stacking execution mechanism. This, in turn, triggers the automated stacking action. The mechanical stacking is then carried out by the stacking mechanism.

Automatic stacking machines can be categorized based on their transmission mechanisms, which can be either mechanical or pneumatic induction-based.

ROI of 7000pcs/h egg tray production line (with multilayer metal drying line)

The following cost analysis, considering the site customer-owned.Only raw material consumption costs are accounted:daily working time of egg tray machine is 16 hours,26 working days per month,85 grams per egg tray,water is recycled in the actual production. Natural gas as fuel.

Unit price
(based on Chinese price)
Input cost /h
Waste paper510kg/h$0.25/kg$127.50
Fuel(natural gas)100m3/h$0.46/m3$46.00
Labor6 people/shift$1.43/h/person$8.58
Output cost/h
Egg trays6000pcs/h$0.05/pcs$300
Daily profit$1,574
Monthly profit$40,913
Annual profit(12 months)$490,953

Successful cases

egg box production line to Zambia

7000pcs/h egg tray production line (DT 6X8) is successfully received by Zambian Client

We loaded the Zambian client’s 7000pcs/h egg tray production line (DT 6X8) with automatic drying at the beginning of December 2021.

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