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Poultry Floor System and A & H Type Layer Battery Cage

Poultry Flooring System —— solution service provider in the field of smart breeding equipment

1. Automatic Laying Nest

poultry flooring system chicken

Automatic laying nest is a modern equipment for automatically collecting and cleaning eggs.Its function is to transport clean eggs in the chicken house to the egg picking table smoothly through the conveyor belt,so as to reduce the labor cost.Improve the production efficiency,reduce the breakage rate of eggs,reduce the eggs outside the nest,and provide clean and high-quality eggs.The humanized design provides a quiet and comfortable laying space for laying hens,broilers and layers.

  • Short egg roll distance:good egg quality,reduce the percentage of broken eggs and removed eggs;
  • Gentle slope at the back end of the egg laying box:the egg rolls gently onto the egg conveyor belt;
  • A separate egg box floor allows all eggs left in the egg box to roll onto the egg conveyor until the egg box is closed;
  • There is no risk of the hens pecking behind them,since they sit with their chests out of the egg-box during laying;
  • Keep the egg box clean throughout the production period,reduce the rate of dirty eggs;
  • The exquisite structure allows for effective mite control,with no gaps or crevices to store dirt.

2. Automatic Feeding System

poultry flooring systems
poultry flooring system feeding

3. Automatic nipple Drinking System

poultry flooring system drinking system
poultry flooring system drinking

A & H Type Layer Battery Cage

H type layer battery cage

Material: ISO 9001 galvanized steel
Power Source: Electric
Anti-corrosion treatment process: Electrostatic spraying, Aluminum-zinc alloy, Hot-dip galvanized
Tiers: 3-9 tiers
Service Life: 15-20 years
Egg Breakage Rate:≤0.5%
Capacity per Unit: 90-200 birds per set
Capacity per Cell: 7 birds
Production Capacity: 3,0000 sets/month

Why choose AGICO H type layer battery cage?

After years of dedication to the development and production of various type of chicken cage, AGICO has helped stock farmer or cage manufactures from 20+ countries such as Egypt, India, South Africa, Algeria, Australia, Libya, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Syria with its high-quality services, professional support teams and advanced products.

Cage System

  • AGICO H type layer cage adopts ISO 9001 galvanized steel wires to ensure stable performance and long service life of 15 to 20 years.
  • Whole cage system uses no-welding technology but connected with anti-corrosion galvanized stainless screw and rivet to prolong its lifespan.
  • 9 steel wires at the bottom of the cage provide enough support force for a 8 degree slope to guarantee eggs roll smoothly to the egg belt with low breakage rate of ≤5%.
  • The surface of mesh is smooth Q235 material without cracks and have good elasticity which can protect chicken feet from staphylococcus caused by injury infection.
H layer coop egg
H frame layer battery cage

Feeding System

  • The automatic feed cart employs enclosed design with a transparent window so that it can observed clearly of its inside situation while preventing dust.
  • Automatic feed cart is self-propelled design for each feed cart is independently controlled by one motor. The motor will follow the movement of feed cart when it start working, which greatly reduce noise and make it easy to check and repair.
  • The V shape galvanized feed trough with brush and adjustable bolts can avoid waste, maintain hygiene and serve chicken of different ages.
layer cage feed cart
layer cage feed cart motor

Drinking System

  • Water for chicken will firstly pass through ourwater filter from famous French manufacturer DOSATRON, then flow to the regulator located on each tier and each row to gain proper pressure and finally drank by chicken through the plastic&stainless steel 360 degree nipple drinker located in a height-adjustable water pipe which is friendly for chicken of different ages.
  • AGICO H type layer battery cage uses PVC square water pipe for its higher stability and less shake than round one.
  • Water sink beneath the nipple drinker can hold the water drop to ensure the manure belt dry and clean.
H type layer regulator
H type square pipe
H frame layer cage water filter

Manure System

  • Manure belt is made of 1.1mm PP material which possesses long service life of 15 years. It is up-tight and bottom-loose design so that its service life is greatly increased. It is located underneath every tier and row and towed buy drive reducer engines.
  • At the end of manure belt, there are two scrappers to make sure 95% of manure is cleaned off.
  • The conveyor belt type manure cleaner can dry the chicken manure into granular form, thereby improving the utilization rate of the chicken manure.
  • The conveyor belt type manure cleaner can directly transport the chicken manure to the manure truck outside the poultry house.
  • The use of conveyor belt type manure cleaner makes the chicken manure non-fermented in the poultry house and makes the air in the house fresh.
  • The conveyor belt of the manure cleaner is made of special EPVC nylon and other anti-aging materials, which have the characteristics of sun protection, cold protection, acid and alkali resistance.
manure machine belt
h type layer manure machine

Climate Control System

  • Fans with SIMENS motor and 1.4m blade from reliable Japanese manufacturer;
  • Air inlets will turn on and off automatically depending on the indoor temperature and humidity to improve air circulation, discharge harmful gases and protect chicken’s respiratory health.
  • Cooling pads can effectively reduce temperature, destroy harmful gas and remove humid gas.
  • Vent window
    Strong anti-aging performance, long service life, flexible opening, air inlet anti-bird net design.
  • Cooling pads
    A variety of material choices, no surfactants, natural water absorption, fast diffusion, long-lasting performance, smooth and smooth paper, no burrs.
  • Ventilation fans
    One-time stamping and forming, extra-thick galvanized layer, strong corrosion-resistance, hot pressure casting forming, light material, high strength, good toughness, and no fracture.
  • Feed storage bin
    The feed storage bin is made of double-sided galvanized sheet material, with good airtightness, firmness, and practicality. The material tower is designed with a downward cone inclination angle so that the feed is released smoothly and unimpeded.
H type layer ventilation

Automatic egg collection system

  • AGICO egg collection system is also made of galvanized sheet and apparatus which can be turned 90+90 degree with bends to prevent egg cracking.
  • The egg bands made ofimport cloth and the joint components made of plastic sheets are both anti-static and hold no dust.
  • High-efficiency collection and conveyance speed of 20000 eggs per hour.
egg collection machine
automatic egg collect machine

Cage Specification























H type layer cage
H type battery cage
H automatic cage layer

Main Advantages of H Type Layer Battery Cage

  • High density of feeding can effectively save land cost.
  • Full automation ensure low labor cost.
  • Automatic manure system reduces environmental pollution.
  • Intensive and standardized feeding process ensure low feed/egg ratio and low rate of sickness.

Cooperate with AGICO and you will enjoy:

  • Free design of poultry farm & chicken house project plan drawings by professional engineer.
  • High-quality products made by our modern production workshops and processing equipment such as fully automatic CNC production line and 4 KUKA robot lines with strict quality control standard.
  • High-end machine with advanced technology developed by our independent R&D department.
  • Reassuring purchase experience provided by experienced pre-sale, sale and post-sale service teams.
  • 1-2 engineer’s 2 months onsite installation service or online installation instruction is up to your choice.
  • Guaranteed delivery time of 15-50 days (depending on the order quantity) with ocean transport standard packing.
layre cage battery
H layer cage manufacture
H layer coop for sale
H layer cage price

AGICO Egg collection system

Egg collection system is an important part of the automatic breeding equipment for layers, which can realize the automation from egg collection to transmission, it greatly reduce the expenditure of manpower and material resources,and is used in large-scale chicken farms.

Working principle of egg collection system:
After the eggs are delivered to one end of the cage by the longitudinal horizontal egg collection belt, the eggs from several layers of cages are gathered by the respective vertical egg collectors onto a single egg collection table and boxed by hand or by egg suction.

egg colletion system
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