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wet press molded pulp
Common Issues and Solutions in Wet Press Molded Pulp

Pulp molding materials are formed by using a certain concentration of pulp and adding appropriate amounts of chemical additives. The fibers are evenly distributed on the surface of a mold with a filtering screen through vacuum or pressure, thus wet press molded pulp materials with predetermined shapes. These materials are then dehydrated, demolded, dried, and

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beating pulp paper pulp tray
How the Process and Addition of Pulp Influence Paper Pulp Tray?

Impact of Beating on Tensile and Burst Strength of Paper Pulp Tray Beating not only causes the surface of fibers to undergo fibrillation, but also generates finer fibers, which can enhance the retention of chemical additives by 15%. Additionally, it leads to tighter bonding between fibers, thereby increasing the physical strength of the paper, including

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Making Process of Paper Carton Box Making Machine
Making Process of Paper Carton Box Making Machine

Production process of five-layer corrugated cardboard First, five rolls of raw paper are placed on the unwind stand in a certain direction. Each paper is separately preheated by a preheater to heat the surface for better adhesion. The corrugated raw paper is preheated and adjusted in moisture content and flatness before entering the single facer

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pulp forming machine material in China
Discovering the Potential of Pulp Forming Machine for the Future Market

International Development of the pulp forming machine The pulp forming machine can be considered a relatively young industry, which truly started and was applied in the packaging field in the 1930s. In recent years, in response to international calls and demands for environmental protection, many internationally renowned companies such as Apple, Samsung, and others have

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chicken cage deliver to Ghana
48,000 Slatted Floor for Poultry Shipped to Ghana

This month, our company successfully shipped 48,000 slatted floor for poultry to Ghana. The equipment includes chicken feeding equipment, nipple drinker equipment, egg chicken cage equipment, automatic egg collection machine equipment, and chicken manure scraper and cleaner equipment. This set of equipment can meet the customer’s early-stage flat-raising needs, as a phase-one investment project for

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What Affects the Egg Tray Machine Price?

Many customers are asking, please give me the egg tray machine price? The salesman usually will not give the price directly, but will ask the customer some questions. It is because the price of the egg tray machine is determined by several aspects together. 1. The output and configuration of egg tray machineThe output of

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pulp package
Application Status of Pulp Molding Products

As there is no waste water or exhaust gas discharged in the production process, the raw materials used for pulp molding products are mainly waste paper or pulp with abundant sources and low prices, and the waste of pulp molding products can be recycled like ordinary paper after completing the cushioning and shock-proof protection of

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66 Egg carton mold
Design of Pulp Mould

The design of pulp molded products actually includes the structural design and processing mold design of pulp mold itself, which are interdependent and related. Usually, the design between the two needs to be completed synchronously. There are three general design steps and key points: (1)First design the product structure, and then design the mold according

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