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industrial drying oven
Industrial Drying Oven

Industrial drying oven for pulp tray Industrial drying oven have become widely used food dryers in recent years. They consist of a sealed drying chamber with hot air circulation inside. The industrial drying oven is a support machine for the 4*4 egg tray machine. AGICO also provides other types of pulp tray drying machine and

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oven dryer for pulp tray delivery
Oven Dryer for Egg Tray Machine to Indonesian Client

Title: AGICO Delivers State-of-the-Art Oven Dryer for Egg Tray Machine to Indonesian Client AGICO, a leading provider of high-quality machinery, celebrates the successful delivery of an advanced oven dryer for an egg tray machine to its esteemed client in Indonesia. This achievement underscores AGICO’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier equipment and exceptional service to its

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Pulp Molding in the Field of Packaging Applications

In the era of universal environmental protection, pulp molding is becoming a prevailing trend. Paper-based packaging materials and containers are the most widely used materials in the packaging industry. Among them, pulp molding products are one of the main products in paper packaging. In recent years, as environmental awareness has gradually increased, coupled with significant

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corrugated boxes making equipment
Why Do Corrugated Boxes Get Damp and How to Fix it?

Why Do Corrugated Boxes Get Damp? Corrugated boxes are widely used packaging products, serving as the backbone of transportation packaging. In addition to protecting goods, facilitating storage and transportation, they also enhance the visual appeal of products and serve promotional purposes. However, corrugated boxes primarily consist of cellulose, semi-cellulose, lignin, etc., indicating a strong hydrophilic

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egg carton production line
Investment and Return on Egg Carton Production Line

Key Aspects to Consider Before Investing in an Egg Tart Production Line If you’re contemplating an investment in an egg carton production line, conducting comprehensive due diligence and market research is crucial. Here are the key aspects to investigate: Maximizing Returns on Your Egg Carton Production Line Investment Are you an investor looking to maximize

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egg tray machine deliver Angola
2000pcs Paper Egg Tray Machine Sail for Angola

AGICO is not only a renowned manufacturer in the paper egg tray machine production but also on the cusp of a significant export endeavor. We are sending an advanced 2000-piece four-sided machine and an efficient drying line to Angola. The standout feature of this shipment is the cutting-edge 2000-piece four-sided paper egg tray machine, designed

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zambia installation 7000 egg tray machinery
7000pcs Egg Tray Machinery Install in Zambia

In the beautiful African nation of Zambia, an exciting project is currently underway. The installation site for AGICO’s 6X8 egg tray machinery (with a capacity of 7,000 pieces) for a local client is progressing smoothly. Everything is proceeding in an organized manner, and it is expected that the installation will be completed shortly, followed by

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