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steam boiler for sale load
AGICO Ships out a 4-ton Steam Boiler for Sale for Iraqi Customer

Our regular Iraqi customers who bought a 4 ton steam boiler for sale( Model: WNS4-1.25-YQ split three return haul steam boiler for sale)from AGICO in May to match with their automatic 5-layer corrugated paperboard production line equipment and automatic glue box packing machine, this shipment was loaded and shipped out successfully in Middle June 2022.

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Nepal egg tray delivery
2000pcs Egg Tray Production Line Installs in Nepal

Nepal customer who ordered ZMDT3*4-2000pcs/hr egg tray production line along with egg tray molds and egg box molds from AGICO Group received their equipment well-packed on May 25th,2022. We congratulate our customers and wish their equipment could be put into production in the coming month. Congratulation and best wishes for the success of our customer’s

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egg trays carton
How to Make High-Quality Egg Trays

High-quality raw materialsThe paper used for the production of high-quality dyed egg trays should be white cardboard, such as virgin fiber white cardboard (medicine boxes and cigarette boxes). General egg trays use gray cardboard, such as color boxes for packaging. If there is no color requirement, corrugated boxes with relatively stiff fibers can be used.

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Single-layer metal drying line
Pulp Dryer Machine for Automatic Egg Tray Production Line

Egg tray generally refers to a packaging tool used to hold eggs, duck eggs and other eggs. Its main function is to absorb shock and facilitate transportation and carrying. According to the different production materials, it can be divided into pulp egg trays, plastic egg trays, etc. Among them, pulp egg trays are mostly made

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6 cells pulp egg cartons
Pulp Egg Cartons, a Profitable Business Has Sustainable Development

Description Pulp egg cartons is used for the packaging of eggs to protect eggs from vibration, collision and damage during handling and transportation. Pulp egg cartons could also used as terminal sales packaging, and it’s very common in supermarkets and shopping malls, with many specifications. Craftsmanship The pulp egg cartons is made of recycled pulp.

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pulp dryer machine
How Does the Hot Air Drying Method of Pulp Dryer Machine Work?

The hot air drying method is also known as the air-drying method. At present, the vast majority of domestic pulp molding products production are using the hot air drying method, it is in the specific pulp dryer machine to dry the paper molding products with hot air as the drying medium. The pulp dryer machine

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rotary egg tray machine
How Does the Rotary Egg Tray Machine Works?

A rotary egg tray machine is a continuous (drum) former, also known as a rotary polygon former. A common rotary egg tray machine consists of a transmission and speed regulating device, a drum, a stripper, a cleaner and a controller. Automatic rotary egg tray/egg carton production line Schematic diagram of egg tray machine The drum

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pulp egg cartons
Problems of Pulp Egg Cartons in Low-temperature Logistics Cold Chain

At present, the low-temperature logistics cold chain of egg products is developing. For example, the refrigeration method is widely used in the cold chain to store eggs using low temperatures to delay the decomposition of protein in the egg, inhibit the growth and reproduction of organisms, and achieve the preservation of fresh eggs for a

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paper pulp moulded products egg trays
Anti-chipping Method of Paper Pulp Moulded Products

Chipping is a common phenomenon in pulp molding which includes lint and splitting. The mechanism is: under the action of mechanical force, fine fibers, debris, filler particles, sizing agent or pigment particles fall off from the surface or edge. When the surface tension of pulp molding is smaller than the external mechanical force (such as

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