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What Affects the Egg Tray Machine Price?

Many customers are asking, please give me the egg tray machine price? The salesman usually will not give the price directly, but will ask the customer some questions. It is because the price of the egg tray machine is determined by several aspects together. 1. The output and configuration of egg tray machineThe output of

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pulp package
Application Status of Pulp Molding Products

As there is no waste water or exhaust gas discharged in the production process, the raw materials used for pulp molding products are mainly waste paper or pulp with abundant sources and low prices, and the waste of pulp molding products can be recycled like ordinary paper after completing the cushioning and shock-proof protection of

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66 Egg carton mold
Design of Pulp Mould

The design of pulp molded products actually includes the structural design and processing mold design of pulp mold itself, which are interdependent and related. Usually, the design between the two needs to be completed synchronously. There are three general design steps and key points: (1)First design the product structure, and then design the mold according

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business process
Everything You Need to Know about AGICO’s Transaction Process

I Pre-sales ( pre-order) 1 Confirm RequirementWe need you to present your requirements, such as raw materials, production capacity, fully automatic / semi-automatic, site/budget, etc. The more information you have, the closer our proposal for you will be to your needs. 2 Project designAfter receipt and verification of your information, the engineer department will make

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pulp molded products
10 Reasons for Choosing Molded Pulp Packaging

If you see this article, you must be looking for molded pulp packaging. You may be dealing with kitchenware, glass cans, eggs or electronic products, and need to provide molded fiber packaging for your products. This type of material has some advantages that make it an excellent choice to meet your needs. For example, it

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agico 18th anniversary
Celebration of AGICO’ 18th Establishment Day

AGICO has registered since 2004, this year is AGICO’s 18th birthday. Over the past 18 years, we have experienced ups and downs, and over 200 employees have made unremitting efforts to usher in the company’s glory. On September 6th, we held our company celebration activity, we gather around, sang birthday songs, eat cakes, have great

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metal drying machine install step
Installation Guidance of Multilayer Metal Drying Line

At present, more and more customers, especially those who order egg tray machines with an output of more than 4,000 pieces per hour, choose the method of multi-layer metal drying. As for the installation of metal drying machine, our engineers will first conduct professional customization and design according to the site size provided by the

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pulp package
Comparison of Pulp Molding Package and Plastic Package

Globally, 42% of plastics are used in packaging, and most of them are used for single-use purposes only, so plastic pollution’s long-term and persistent problems in the ecosystem. The recycling rate of plastic is only 10%, which means that 90% of the plastic is incinerated, landfilled, or directly discarded into the natural environment. Plastics typically

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finished product nepal
Successful Installation and Completion of Nepalese Project

The ZMDT3*4-2000pcs/h type egg tray equipment ordered by Nepalese customer from our company was successfully put into production at the end of August. After detailed communication of our company’s professional and technical personnel, such as online installation, equipment debugging, mold debugging, production guidance and so on, our customer successfully put into production at the end

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industrial tray packaging machine
What is a Qualified Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine?

1 The main body of the egg tray manufacturing machine is stable and firmExtremely high precision of the production parts of the egg tray manufacturing machine is required, and the error cannot exceed 0.1mm. If the egg tray manufacturing machine manufacturer cuts corners in the production of egg tray manufacturing machine, the error exceeds the

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