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2000pcs Egg Tray Production Line Installs in Nepal

Nepal customer who ordered ZMDT3*4-2000pcs/hr egg tray production line along with egg tray molds and egg box molds from AGICO Group received their equipment well-packed on May 25th,2022. We congratulate our customers and wish their equipment could be put into production in the coming month. Congratulation and best wishes for the success of our customer’s pulp tray business.

Civil construction is under construction according to the drawings provided by AGICO’s engineers one month before the launch of the goods. When the equipment arrived, the slurry pool and water pool had been built already, therefore, our customers could immediately install and debug the equipment efficiently.

To enable the whole installation process to be conducted quickly and effectively, AGICO provides 3D drawings and construction drawings and gives step-by-step installation tutorials for the customer. Now, the egg tray production line is being installed smoothly.

Nepal egg tray machine install draw
Nepal egg tray delivery
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