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2000pcs Paper Egg Tray Machine Sail for Angola

AGICO is not only a renowned manufacturer in the paper egg tray machine production but also on the cusp of a significant export endeavor. We are sending an advanced 2000-piece four-sided machine and an efficient drying line to Angola.

The standout feature of this shipment is the cutting-edge 2000-piece four-sided paper egg tray machine, designed with dual molds capable of producing both egg tarts and egg cartons. In response to our client’s order for a combined mold, this versatile machine can craft 20, 12, and 6-cell egg cartons, offering both cost-effectiveness and adaptability. This innovative mold combination has demonstrated remarkable cost-efficiency, resulting in substantial savings for our clients in terms of mold procurement.

When used in tandem with our efficient drying line, it enhances production efficiency significantly. Tailored for small and medium-scale operations, the drying line ensures that the manufactured products maintain their quality and texture throughout the drying process.

We at AGICO extend our profound gratitude to the clients who have entrusted us with their production requirements. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and top-quality products remains unwavering, fostering enduring partnerships within the industry.

We warmly invite all interested parties to visit and explore the capabilities of this state-of-the-art paper egg tray machine. Experience firsthand the impressive efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this equipment and understand how it can cater to your paper product production needs.

As this shipment wends its way to Angola, AGICO eagerly anticipates the transformative impact it will bring to the local paper product manufacturing landscape. This initiative reinforces AGICO’s standing as a pioneer in the industry, dedicated to innovation, quality, and unwavering customer satisfaction.

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