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48,000 Slatted Floor for Poultry Shipped to Ghana

This month, our company successfully shipped 48,000 slatted floor for poultry to Ghana. The equipment includes chicken feeding equipment, nipple drinker equipment, egg chicken cage equipment, automatic egg collection machine equipment, and chicken manure scraper and cleaner equipment. This set of equipment can meet the customer’s early-stage flat-raising needs, as a phase-one investment project for the customer in the local area. The customer is expected to invest in large-scale cage-raising equipment in the later stage. We also look forward to more projects being sent to the African market in the future. We welcome more customers to consult us for poultry farming equipment, including egg-laying chickens, meat chickens, and chicks.

chicken cage delivery
poultry cage delivery
chicken cage deliver to Ghana
poultry cage delivery to Ghana
chicken cage egg collection system

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