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7000pcs Egg Tray Machinery Install in Zambia

In the beautiful African nation of Zambia, an exciting project is currently underway. The installation site for AGICO’s 6X8 egg tray machinery (with a capacity of 7,000 pieces) for a local client is progressing smoothly. Everything is proceeding in an organized manner, and it is expected that the installation will be completed shortly, followed by the commencement of testing and commissioning.

This project exemplifies AGICO’s professional capabilities and our provision of a turnkey project for our clients. From the initial project planning to the current on-site construction, the AGICO team has collaborated closely to ensure the seamless progress of every stage.

This represents another expansion project for the client, symbolizing their trust in AGICO’s excellent service and high-quality equipment. We are greatly appreciative of our client’s long-term support and will continue to strive to ensure the project’s timely completion in line with the client’s expectations and needs.

The success of this project will not only provide the client with increased production capacity but also contribute to local employment and economic growth. Additionally, AGICO looks forward to continuing to provide excellent engineering solutions for more clients in the international market, thereby driving industry development.

In the days to come, we will closely monitor the progress of this project and look forward to its successful completion, injecting new vitality into Zambia’s egg tray production industry. Contact us if you are interested in our egg tray machinery as well!

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