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Why Choose AGICO Egg Tray Machine for Egg Tray Production?

Why Choose AGICO Egg Tray Machine for Egg Tray Production?

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Six advantages of AGICO egg tray machine

Our advantages are rich experience, various models, quality assurance, marketing plan, site installation, after-sale. Contact us to build egg tray machine.

1. Rich experience

Our factory has many years of experience in the development and manufacture of egg tray machine and pulp molding machine. Our equipment has been exported to more than 20 countries, including Egypt, Russia, India, the Philippines, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Algeria, Australia, Argentina, Egypt, Russia, Libya, Syria and so on.

2. Various models

According to the output, we have 1000-7000pcs egg tray machines for sale.

7000pcs Egg Tray Production Line

New Type, More Economical
Model: ZMDT6×8-7000
Output: 6000-7000 p/h
Mould Quantity: 48

Model: ZMDT5×12-6000
Output: 6000 p/h
Power: 105 kw/h
Mould Quantity: 60

Model: ZMDT5×8-5000
Output: 5000 pcs/h
Power: 100 kw/h
Mould Quantity: 40

4000pcs Egg Tray Production Line

Model: ZMDT4×8-4000
Output: 4000 pcs/h
Power: 91 kw/h
Mould Quantity: 32

3000pcs Egg Tray Production Line

Model: ZMDT3×8-3000
Output: 3000 pcs/h
Power: 88.9 kw/h
Mould Quantity: 24

Model: ZMDT4×4-2500
Output: 2500 pcs/h
Power: 34.2kw/h, 46.8kw/h
Mould Quantity: 16

2000pcs Egg Tray Production Line

Model: ZMDT3×4-2000
Output: 2000 pcs/h
Power: 32.6kw/h, 45.3kw/h
Mould Quantity: 12

Model: ZMDT4×1-1500
Output: 1500 pcs/h
Power: 27.3kw/h, 38.6kw/h
Mould Quantity: 4

According to end products, we have paper egg tray machine, egg carton machine, fruit tray machine, industrial tray machine, rice breeding tray machine, etc.

According to the selection of drying and packaging system, we also have manual egg tray making machine, semi-automatic egg tray making machine and full automatic egg tray making machine.

3. Quality assurance

Our machines and parts are made of high quality materials. According to the customer’s feedback, we also continuously upgrade and transform our machines. AGICO egg machine has been maintained at a high level in the same industry, customers can buy at ease. CE and ISO 9001 certification.

4. Customized egg tray production scheme

There are many aspects to be considered in the selection of egg tray production machinery. In order to maximize the interests of customers, our professional team will customize a special egg tray production scheme.

5. Site installation

Our technicians have been installed and debugged on site in many projects and have strong ability. In addition to on-site installation and debugging, we can also train workers for you to solve the problems in the production of egg tray.

6. Good after-sale

If you have any questions in production, you can contact us as soon as possible.We have good after-sales support to ensure the normal operation of the egg tray machine.

Production process of egg tray

1. The raw material (waste paper) enters the hydraulic pulper for pulping.

2. After the pulping is finished, the pulp enters the mixing tank for mixing and homogenization.

3. Then the pulp is transported to the egg tray equipment forming machine through the pulp feeding pump.

4. The pulp entering the egg tray machine is dehydrated by vacuum, and then transferred to the drying conveyor belt after the egg tray is formed.

5. The egg tray enters the drying tunnel for drying. The fuel for drying line is coal, wood, biomass particles, natural gas, liquefied gas, etc.

6. After the egg tray is dried, it will be automatically counted and stacked by the egg tray collection machine, packaged and put into storage.

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Anyang General International Co., Ltd. (AGICO) is an enterprise engaged in research, development and production of egg tray making machine, egg tray production line, paper pulping molding machine, etc. Our company is located in Anyang City, Henan, China. We have many years of experience in the production and marketing of egg tray making machine and pulp molding machine. Our egg tray machinery has been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Egypt, Russia, India, the Philippines, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Algeria, Australia, Argentina, Egypt, Russia, Libya, Syria and so on.

As a leader of egg tray making machine manufactures, AGICO is expert in designing, manufacturing and installing egg tray machine. The main products of our company are egg tray making machine, egg tray production line, pulp molding equipment and other mechanical equipment. We provide first-class technology, engineering contracting projects and services for the whole world.

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Potential market of egg tray machine

The egg tray machine is a special equipment for the production of pulp molded products such as egg trays and bottle trays. The old egg tray machine has high energy consumption, huge maintenance, expensive investment costs and production costs that people feel unaffordable. AGICO took the lead in developing and manufacturing a new type of egg tray machine—a large automatic drum forming machine.

Through years of development, the company has complete equipment, advanced technology and strong technical force. It has successfully developed and manufactured various specifications and models of pulp molding complete sets of production equipment and egg tray machine production lines, which can fully meet the needs of various pulp molding products. To meet the needs of customers, our machines implement strict quality monitoring and testing methods to ensure the quality of products and meet the needs of users.

AGICO’s egg tray machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, low failure rate, less labor, simple operation and high product quality. The machine uses waste paper as raw material and can produce inner packaging of poultry eggs, fruits, bottled beverages, glass ceramic products, handicrafts, small mechanical parts, electronic and electrical products, toys and other commodities by changing different molds, and gradually replaces EPS packaging. Foam plastic and corrugated paper liners not only have good protection and cushioning properties, reduce product damage, improve packaging grades, but also reduce costs, do not pollute the environment, and can be recycled and reused. typical.

Advantages of egg tray machine: Egg tray forming machine is a kind of paper pulp as raw material, which uses vacuum to absorb the pulp on the product mold. Through the adjustment of time, various products can reach a certain thickness and dry-wet ratio. A machine that produces paper tray products through demoulding and other processes.

According to different heat sources, the drying system can be divided into: fuel oil drying, gas drying, steam drying, heat transfer oil drying, electric heating drying and hot stove drying, which can meet the needs of different investors. In terms of mold manufacturing, we have also developed various molds for pulp molding products. The products produced are widely used in egg trays, mechanical parts, mobile phones, computer accessories, solar energy, handicrafts, health products, wine, fruit and another packaging—market expectations. The main advantages of this equipment are: energy saving, reliable quality, high degree of automation, simple operation and less labor.

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The soaring egg production year after year means that the egg tray market is still expanding, and the gap in market demand is also being torn apart. A few large egg tray factories alone cannot fill this huge gap! Therefore, the egg tray production industry still has opportunities to start.

Not worrying about sales is one of the many advantages of the egg tray industry. In addition, because of the egg tray processing and production process, the raw materials required for egg tray production are also different from other industries. Recycled waste paper products can be used as egg trays Production raw materials are used for secondary use, such as waste paper, waste newspapers, wrapping paper left over from express delivery, etc. that we do not use in daily life, etc. can be used as raw materials for egg trays.

The low cost of raw materials is also one of the significant advantages of the egg tray production industry. As mentioned above, a ton of waste paper products are only sold for more than 2,000 yuan in the market. After processing, a ton of waste materials is made into egg trays. More than doubled!
The cheap raw material price of egg tray machines means that the profit is very considerable. Even if the egg tray is sold at a price lower than the market price, there will be a very high profit! ,.
Recycling waste paper products for secondary use, rationally utilizing the value of resources, and not wasting a single bit. In this respect, the egg tray production industry coincides with the current concept of environmental protection actions. Not only that, in the process of egg tray production, no waste Like other factory operations, there will be waste gas and wastewater discharged to pollute our environment. The production of egg trays will not have waste gas discharged. As for the wastewater, it will be returned through special pipes for recycling!

Perfect Sale Service of AGICO

1. Rich Experience

Products have been exported to more than 20 countries. Professional R & D and manufacturing team.

2. Various Models

Egg tray machine with various models, pulp molding machine with different molding dies.

3. Quality Assurance

Quality egg tray machines and spare parts with CE and ISO 9001 certification.

4. Customized Service

Our professional team will customize a special egg tray production scheme for customers.

5. Site Installation

We have skilled workers to install and debug the egg tray production equipment on site.

6. Good After-sale

Free training and technical advisory for your workers. Solve problems in production at any time.

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