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AGICO’s Metal Drying Line is under Smooth Installation in Mozambique with Perfect Services

A set of 1000pcs/h egg tray production line (ZMDT3X1)) including metal drying line has successfully arrived at Mozambican customer’s factory as scheduled. After a period of installation and debugging guided by AGICO’s professional engineers, the main engine and the slurry tank of the metal drying line has been successfully installed and the construction of the combustor of the final main project is currently underway.

1000pcs egg tray production line construction
1000pcs egg tray production line

Our customer chooses wood as the fuel of the drying line. Thus, we need to build a combustion chamber that is suitable for this kind of fuel, and simultaneously, is able to connect with the drying chamber perfectly to achieve efficient energy transmission. After many times of video communication in the early stage, our engineers made some improvements on the construction material according to the local brick type and some refractory brick types we sent in the past, so that the construction will adapt the local conditions. We provides detailed 2D and 3D drawings so that our customer can conduct the construction without worries.
AGICO provides perfect installation service such as on-site installation service,video installation service and phone-call installation service. We will try our best to guide our customer through the entire installation and confirm that each installation step is correct.

1000pcs egg tray production line drying

At present, the construction work is progressing smoothly. Thanks to our customer for the cooperation and best wishes for a smooth completion of the civil engineering project. The debugging of the whole machine will be carried out immediately, and all our technical teams will, as always, assist customers to produce finished egg trays. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

metal drying line install
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