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Anti-chipping Method of Paper Pulp Moulded Products

Chipping is a common phenomenon in pulp molding which includes lint and splitting. The mechanism is: under the action of mechanical force, fine fibers, debris, filler particles, sizing agent or pigment particles fall off from the surface or edge. When the surface tension of pulp molding is smaller than the external mechanical force (such as friction, adhesion, etc. ) the phenomenon of chipping will occur. However, how to ensure paper pulp moulded products do not shed crumbs?
After experiments, the best method now is to spray or brush varnish on the surface of paper pulp moulded products.
Glazing is to add a layer of colorless transparent coating, namely glazing oil, on the surface of the printed matter by the method of coating, spraying or printing. After calendering and drying, the gloss of the surface of the paper pulp moulded products is increased, and its stiffness is also improved. At the same time, the paper tray waste after glazing can be recycled or decomposed by itself, without polluting the environment.

paper pulp moulded products

In the experiment, a varnish resistant to high temperature of 110 °C was selected. Dilute the varnish so that the ratio of varnish to water is 1.5:1 and apply to the surface of the paper pulp moulded products. The experimental result is that the pulp molding is smooth, beautiful, and does not drop chips
The method that can be mass-produced and has the best effect is to apply varnish with a brush, but due to the difference in the paper pulp moulded products and the type of varnish selected, its dilution ratio, the drying degree of the product before hot pressing after coating, the hot pressing temperature and the hot pressing Stressors should be considered.

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