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Advantages of Apple Tray Making Machine

Apple tray making machine is a kind of machine that is used to make paper apple trays. During long transportation, apple trays can save storage space and protect apples from collision. Paper apple trays are becoming preferred choice for packing apples. Therefore, manufacturing apple trays project can bring you great benefits absolutely. AGICO will provide customized service for you.

paper apple tray
Paper apple tray
Nowadays, paper molded pulp product is becoming a kind of main packaging material. More and more people begin to buy apple tray making machine to make apple trays. Among manufacturers, AGICO Group has several years’ manufacturing experience, you can find the advantages of our apple tray making machine here.
Fruit tray machine
Apple tray making machine

Multi-purpose machine

Our apple tray making machine is a kind of multi-purpose machine. It is able to make different final products with different moulds. By changing the mould, the machine can make different kinds of trays, such as egg trays, egg cartons, coffee cup trays, bottle trays and shoe support.

Different molds
Multiple molds
End Products with Various Molding Dies
Various paper trays


  • Cheap raw materials. Waste paper is cheap and can be obtained easily.
  • Energy saving. The machine saves energy through improving heat absorption to ensure there is no heat going into waste.
  • Low maintenance. Apple tray making machine requires low maintenance. It can surely give manufacturers great returns.
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