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Egg Carton Machine, Egg Tray Mold and Egg Carton Molds

The egg carton can be used to hold eggs and play a buffer and protection role in the storage and transportation of eggs. Our egg carton machine is used to produce paper egg cartons. The same as the structure of the egg tray machine and the production principle of the egg tray, different molds are used.

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Egg carton machine
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Egg tray machine

Egg tray mold and egg carton mold

Egg tray mold and egg carton mold are used to shape when producing egg tray, egg carton or other pulp packaging. Good egg tray mold and egg carton mold can increase the output of egg tray finished products and reduce defective products. Our company is the manufacturer of egg tray machine, egg tray mold and egg carton mold. There are 3, 6 to 15 egg carton mold varieties with cover and 12, 15, 18 to 30, 40, 45, 54 egg tray mold varieties.

The egg tray mold produced by our company has the characteristics of high strength, small weight and easy to wash. The cost of aluminum mold is relatively high. There are many customized aluminum molds with long service life. The mold size can be customized according to the size of the egg tray required by users. The egg tray mold is a molding mold placed on the host of the egg tray machine. The egg has a certain size. The egg tray mold can be designed according to the size of the egg to ensure that the produced egg tray conforms to the size of the egg. A good egg tray mold can ensure the quality of the egg tray. Our company’s designers design reasonable egg tray mold, which can ensure the success rate of installation. It is a normal phenomenon that there will be loss in the process of using the egg tray mold. It is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance when using the egg tray mold.

Different molds

Notes on the use of egg tray mold and egg carton mold

  1. Before installing the egg carton mold, clean the surface and make sure that the mold is correctly installed on the host of the egg carton machine.
  2. Adjust the egg tray mold to the right position.
  3. In the process of using the egg tray mold, the scope of activities of the staff should be fully guaranteed.
  4. If abnormal sound is found in the process of use, the egg carton machine should be stopped immediately, and the egg carton machine can be used after troubleshooting.
  5. As the raw material of the egg tray is pulp, the mold will be contaminated with some pulp during the operation of the host machine. Please clean it in time to reduce the loss of the mold.
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