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Influencing Factors of Egg Crates Quality

The purpose of the production of paper crates and egg crates is to protect the integrity of fragile items such as eggs, electronic products, toys, flower pots, and teacups, and to facilitate road transportation. The added value of paper crates and egg crates is not high, so it is necessary to improve product quality and reduce production costs.

In order to improve the quality of egg crates products, we must first understand the factors that affect the quality of egg crates. During the operation of the egg crates production line, the forming quality of the egg crates is closely related to many factors. The following are the main influencing factors.

During the operation of egg crate machine, the forming quality of egg crates is closely related to many factors. The following are four main factors.

Raw materials for producing egg crates

Raw materials for producing egg crates

Raw material is the primary factor to determine the quality of the egg crate. If you don’t have good raw materials, you can’t make high quality egg crates.

White cardboard should be used to produce high-quality fine dyed egg crates, such as pill boxes and cigarette boxes. Common-quality dyed egg crates generally use gray cardboard, such as color boxes for packaging. If there is no color requirement, you can choose a corrugated box with relatively strong fibers. In short, these raw materials have relatively high fiber purity and less impurities to make egg crates with appropriate softness and hardness. If the egg crate is of poor quality, it is easy to regain moisture, etc., the first consideration is the raw material paper.

forming quality of pulp egg crates

The quality control of the production process is very important.

During the production and molding process of egg crates, the storage and flow of pulp in pulping system and the molding structure and performance of the egg crates machine affect the fiber distribution in the paper molded product to a certain extent. The mark of egg crate forming quality is the uniformity of fiber distribution, which is a common forming quality item. It requires the same fiber concentration in a certain area selected arbitrarily on the egg crates. The closer the fiber distribution is to this ideal state, the more homogeneous it is. In fact, the non-directional arrangement and uniformity of fibers can only be achieved by applying sufficient agitation in a very dilute fiber suspension. It is manifested in the dynamic equilibrium of the diffusion of the fibers in all directions of the suspension. However, when the pulp concentration of paper molded products is too large or too small, it is difficult to achieve the uniformity of egg crates.Therefore, it is necessary to work hard in this process (the storage and flow of pulp in pulping system and the molding structure and performance of the egg crate machine) to produce good quality egg crates.

In the process of egg crates forming, it is mainly the adsorption and forming of pulp. If the adsorption is not good, the quality of the product will be greatly reduced. Because the adsorption force comes from the suction of the vacuum pump, that is, the force of dehydration, if it is too large, the mold will be easily damaged, and if it is too small, the quality will be too poor, so this process is particularly important to control the suction. In addition, the egg crates mold is the key to the production of egg crates. The mold must be handled carefully. After a period of use, it should be cleaned with a cleaning machine to ensure that the surface of the mold is clean. The egg crates made in this way is more standard.

installation Ethiopian debug
install Ethiopian debug

Egg crates is the king of production and quality to win. Under the premise of good quality, the output should be increased. Scientific management is needed to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and it is advocated that more work is more rewarding, and the salary is inclined to technical experts. By retaining good employees who are willing to work hard and study technology, the boss can save worry and effort and increase production capacity.

When starting the project, please inspect the surrounding market conditions, the surrounding breeding scale, and the production capacity of the machines and equipment used by the peers within a radius of 100 kilometers. It is true that machinery and equipment are being replaced very quickly. Each new generation of models is an improvement on the basis of the previous generation, but you must fully consider your budget.It is not necessary to choose the most advanced and expensive equipment, but your machine and processes should not lag behind the competitors around you that can radiate around you, then you stand on the same starting line, depending on how you operate.

The egg crates market has broad prospects. At the same time, more and more pulp molding products have been gradually derived in recent years. The egg crates is favored by most investors due to its high return on investment and strong market demand. The project of producing egg crates will have a good return on investment.


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