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Semi-Automatic Egg Tray Production Line Successfully Installed in Ghana

Ghana customer ordered a semi-automatic egg tray production line with a capacity of 1,500 from our company In October 2021. In order to prevent the equipment from being collided during long-distance transportation, we packaged the whole set of equipment with felt cloth before delivery to ensure that the equipment is in good condition at the destination port.

After about one month of remote installation guidance, Ghana customer successfully installed the ZMDT4X1 egg tray equipment produced by our company through the site layout diagram, pipeline connection diagram and circuit diagram provided by us.
With our professional guidance and perfect support, we expect the equipment to be installed and debugging successfully and put into production soon.

Ghana installation egg tray
Ghana installation
egg tray production line Ghana
Ghana installation egg tray production line ZMDT4X1
egg carton production line Ghana

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