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What are Precautions When Using Moulds of Egg Tray Machine?

Production tools play an important role in the actual production. Take the egg tray processing, egg tray machine equipment alone is not enough, but also has to be matched with the surrounding parts. Of course, there are many supporting facilities. Here we mainly talk about the egg tray equipment mold, because it is the key part of egg tray molding.

The use frequency of the egg tray equipment mold is very high. Each opening and closing of the die will cause a wear on itself. In the long-term use, when the wear accumulates to a certain extent, the die performance will decline until the end of life. Therefore, we should sum up the experience of egg tray equipment mold operation.

Egg tray moulds
Egg tray moulds
Egg carton moulds
Egg carton moulds

Precautions for the uses of egg tray machine moulds

  1. Before use, remember to lubricate the mould, try to reduce the friction degree of each mould operation and extend the service life.
  2. Before the machine is not stopped, it is forbidden to touch the mold directly by hand to prevent people from being hurt.
  3. Use special clamps to take and place products to reduce work.
  4. In case of no production, the mould of egg tray equipment shall be cleaned first and then coated with anti rust oil.
  5. Check and measure the mold dimension regularly, record the data, and make the mold loss analysis, so as to control the product quality within the qualified range.

The above is the precautions for the use of egg tray machine moulds for the majority of users. Anyang General International Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of egg tray equipment, egg tray production line and other products, and provides egg carrier mould accessories for many years. Moderate price, guaranteed quality and perfect after-sales service. Welcome to visit.

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