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Everything You Need to Know about AGICO’s Transaction Process

I Pre-sales ( pre-order)

1 Confirm Requirement
We need you to present your requirements, such as raw materials, production capacity, fully automatic / semi-automatic, site/budget, etc. The more information you have, the closer our proposal for you will be to your needs.

2 Project design
After receipt and verification of your information, the engineer department will make a personalized and customized proposal as per actual situation and budget of your side, etc. Once the proposal is in, we will send to the customer, and if there are some questions ,we will answer and communicate with them timely until the customer is satisfied with the proposal.

3 Project Confirm
After the customer has received the proposal, we will offer a very reasonable quotation. Prices are based on the project design and will be updated and adjusted if the customer needs to change some of the equipment in the middle of the process.

II In-sales (receipt of advance payment)

4 Manufacturing
After the proposal has been confirmed by the customer, we will send the PI or contract , the customer needs to issue L/C or wire transfer the deposit accordingly, production will be arranged promptly after receipt of deposit.
2 From time to time photos and videos will be shared with the customer during the production of the equipment , so that they can keep abreast of the progress of production and processing.

5 Equipment Pre-commissioning
After the machine has been completed, we will inform the customer of the final payment (except L/C). Before shipment , the final test run of the whole machine will be carried out at the factory to ensure that the whole line is in good working order, a video of the test run will be shared later with customer.

6 Equipment Delivery
When loading, a packing list, the main parts to be marked and pasted, the packing process and the packing and unpacking chart, will all be provided for the customer, so that the customer can quickly count and unload the goods in the destination country.

III After Sales

7 Equipment Unload
After the shipment of the goods, we will send our customers engineering and construction drawings, 3D drawings and other relevant information, and instruct them in advance to do the basic preparatory work before the arrival of the goods, in order to save maximum time for our customers.

8-9 Equipment Installation & debugging
The customer takes an inventory upon receipt of the goods in order to communicate the arrival timely,after which we will go to the site to install or install remotely for free based on the customer’s requirements.
Customer don’t have to worry about our remote installation experience, with over 30 times of successful remote installation experience, professional remote installation engineer team, 24 hours online, our customers can completely install the equipment and do a good job of debugging.

Corresponding engineering drawings, operating instructions ,3D demonstration drawings and physical drawings of finished line will be provided to make the whole installation process more efficient ,and customers can easily and quickly understand.
At the same time, remote video is welcome to solve any problems that arise in production.

10 Maintenance
After successful debugging of the equipment, we will remind customer of the later maintenance in order to extend the service life, at the same time maximize the benefits to the customer.

11 Return Visit
The after-sales team will also make occasional visits to check on our customers’ experience and feedback which will be provided continuously to our team of engineers, improve and enhance our products and optimize our service system.

Thank you for your choice!
we can make you feel more at ease and secure because you have chosen AGICO’s egg tray equipment. We insist that quality and service are our greatest strengths and the cornerstones on which our survival depends.

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