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5 Facts You Must Know about Paper Egg Tray

Since the appearance of the first egg tray invented by Joseph Coyle in 1991, this product has received more than 100-years’ evolution and improvement of its shape and material. Among theses materials, paper egg tray, or paper egg carton has stand out for its various advantages:

(1)Lowest egg shell breakage rate

According to the experiment conducted by Seydim ·Dawson,  the egg shell breakage rate of paper tray turned out to be the lowest of 4.63%, and EPS foam carton is 12.59%.

paper egg tray breakage rate

(2)Best mechanical protection for egg 

By comparing 10 egg tray made of different material, the force to deform a paper egg tray is 83.6% higher than that to plastic egg tray, and 289.5% higher than foam egg tray.What’s more, its high water absorption feature guarantees an air-permeability and hygienic transport for egg.

paper egg tray deform force
egg tray deform

(3)Recyclable and biodegradable material

As a sustainable product defined by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, paper egg tray is made of environment-friendly materials such as waste paper, and each paper egg carton can be re-pulped and recycled again after its service life-cycle for another 25 times which greatly reduces cost.  

paper egg tray sale
waste paper egg tray

Optional raw materials of paper egg tray

  • Waste newspaper
  • Carton
  • Paper box
  • Books
  • Corrugated paper
  • Any product made of paper fibers

Convey raw material to pulp machine and blend it with 43°C-63°C water(3 water:1 waste paper) for about 20 minutes to break apart the fiber to obtain the final 5%-8% density pulp for egg tray.

Optional ways of paper egg carton recycle

  • Add to compost pile
  • Up-cycle into storage containers
  • Use for art supplies
  • Turn into new product

(4)Easy-to-handle& Cost effective

Unlike other material that requires complex control and professional knowledge, you only need a place with water, electricity, waste paper and our automatic egg tray making machine to start your own business.

(5)Potential international market

It is well known that egg can provide 1/5 daily necessary protein of humans, which lead to a growing demand of egg in developing countries for the awareness of its health benefits. Additionally, Technavio has predicted that the egg tray market has the potential to grow by $2.17 billion during 2021-2025. 

Under these circumstances, purchasing an paper egg tray machine means that you can have thousands of potential customer from every part of the world.

egg tray market
egg tray potential market
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