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Forming Processes of Pulp Molding Product

There are two main forming processes of pulp molding machine: vacuum forming and slip casting.

Vacuum molding

Vacuum molding is the most popular method for paper pulp products. It has rotary, turnover and reciprocating according to different structure.

Rotary type

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12-side egg tray machine

Continuous rotating production, high production efficiency, mold investment high, mold processing precision is high, high technical requirements for equipment processing precision, machining molds are prepared by CNC, long processing cycle, large investment. It is suitable for large production, like fruit plates, dinner plates, wine tray, egg tray. It is not suitable for industrial products.

Turnover type

Turnover production efficiency is lower than rotary type, it is suitable for medium production of industrial products. Machining molds are prepared by CNC, mold investment high, long processing cycle.


Production efficiency is lower than rotary, and same with turn over. It si especially suitable for non-standard, small batch, fast cycle industrial package.

Slip casting

According to different pulp packaging products, calculate the required pulp (material) quantity and quantitative injection molding mold cavity, adsorption molding. This kind of molding method is suitable for changing little, finalize the standard products, commonly used in tableware molding products, due to finalize the calculation is difficult to master, in the non-standard paper plastic packaging (industrial packaging) do not use this molding method.

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