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How to Choose Correct Egg Tray?

How to make sure you choose the correct egg tray mold?

A) If customer could send samples, it will be perfect. We’ll find the similar molds as sample size and shape, or make as sample by paying.

B) If sample not convenience, please measure your trays and provide the below data:

Outer size of egg tray(length and width):

size of egg tray

Depth of cavity:

depth of cavity egg tray

Cavity length and diagonally:

egg carton cavity length and diagonally

We could find the similar molds for your choose .In certain, as the size of finished tray not influence only by molds and other factors, the molds need final confirm with drawing.

Does the agriculture residue like straw, bagasse could be use as the material?

No, the material of egg tray production need have long fibre. The original straw, bagasse only can be use after special treatment and make them turn into pulp. The original straw, bagasse can not used as material directly for producing the paper pulp production.

high quality paper pulp egg tray

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