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How to Make High-Quality Egg Trays

  1. High-quality raw materials
    The paper used for the production of high-quality dyed egg trays should be white cardboard, such as virgin fiber white cardboard (medicine boxes and cigarette boxes). General egg trays use gray cardboard, such as color boxes for packaging. If there is no color requirement, corrugated boxes with relatively stiff fibers can be used. In short, these raw materials have relatively high fiber purity and few impurities so they can make egg trays with suitable hardness. If the egg tray has problems such as poor quality and easy to regain moisture, the first consideration is the problem of raw material paper.
  1. Quality control in the production process
    The egg tray production process includes a series of links: raw material procurement – pulping and refining – pulping – pulp supply – forming and dehydration – drying – conveying – shaping and packaging – warehousing and transportation.
    Selecting raw materials suitable for the production of egg trays. During the pulping process, the pulp should be disintegrated and mixed evenly. The proportion and quality of added accessories should be moderately controlled.
    During the production and forming process of egg trays, the storage of pulp in the beating system, the flow transfer and the forming structure and performance of the egg tray equipment affect the distribution of fibers in the paper moldings to a certain extent. The sign of good or bad molding is the uniformity of fiber distribution, which is a common molding quality item. It requires that the fiber concentration is the same microscopically in a certain area arbitrarily selected on the egg tray. The closer the fiber distribution is to this ideal state, the more homogeneous it is. In fact, the random arrangement and uniform distribution of fibers can only be achieved by applying sufficient agitation in a very dilute fiber suspension, which is manifested as a dynamic balance of fiber diffusion in all directions of the suspension. However, when the paper molding is formed If the pulp concentration is too large or too small, it is difficult to achieve the uniformity of the egg tray. Therefore, friends have to work hard in this link in order to produce good quality egg trays.
  1. Improve the professional skills of employees
    On the premise of good quality, the output should be increased, and scientific management is needed to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and promote more work and more returns, thereby increasing production capacity. AGICO provides free professional staff training and perfect after-sales service.
  2. Advanced equipment and technology
    The replacement of machinery and equipment is also very fast. Each new generation of models is an improvement on the basis of the previous generation, but you must fully consider the budget. It is not necessary to choose the most advanced and expensive equipment that is suitable for you, but your machine and technology.
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