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Industrial Drying Oven

Capacity: 2500pcs/h

Certification: SGS ISO

Drying time: 30 minutes

Temperature: 160℃±

Fuel: Coal, Diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, Steam

Material: High-quality cold-rolled plate, surface phosphating treatment and painting (shell color optional).

Insulation material: High-temperature resistant alumina silicate fiber cotton/silicone rubber sealing strip with excellent sealing performance.

Industrial drying oven for pulp tray

Industrial drying oven have become widely used food dryers in recent years. They consist of a sealed drying chamber with hot air circulation inside.

  • Utilizing forced air circulation by a fan reduces temperature differences within the oven, ensuring direct contact between hot air and materials without additional heat loss.
  • The air inside the chamber and corresponding containers do not generate heat, resulting in exceptionally high thermal efficiency.
  • Industrial drying oven is equipped with temperature sensors to automatically monitor and maintain a constant temperature inside the chamber.

The industrial drying oven is a support machine for the 4*4 egg tray machine. AGICO also provides other types of pulp tray drying machine and tray production line.

Why choose AGICO’s industrial drying oven?

Blower System

Enhanced air duct design with durable high-temperature blower motor and centrifugal fan blades for efficient air circulation, ensuring uniform airflow distribution, energy efficiency, and quiet operation. Components meet test standards and environmental requirements, offering easy installation, maintenance, and repair.

Insulation Effect

Employs advanced insulation technology for superior heat retention and minimal environmental impact. Ensures a consistent indoor temperature while maintaining energy efficiency.

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Temperature Control System

Equipped with microcomputer digital temperature controller for accurate temperature regulation. Features PID adjustment and over-temperature protection for enhanced safety. Offers intuitive display and easy adjustment for optimal performance.

Protection System

Includes comprehensive safety features such as leakage protection, circuit protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, and over-temperature protection for enhanced reliability and safety.

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How does it work?

Taking coal-driven industrial drying oven as the example

① Ash cleaning port ② Coal (or wood) adding port ③ Hot air furnace ④ Connecting pipelines ⑤ Blower ⑥ Circulating fan ⑦ Dehumidifying fan ⑧ Cabinet ⑨ Door

Place the prepared wet egg trays into the chamber/box.

Close the door securely.

Add coal (or wood) through the designated loading position for coal (or wood).

Ignite the hot air stove to start the heating process.

The hot air generated will flow into the connecting pipes and circulate up and down inside the drying box, facilitated by the circulating fan.After approximately 20-30 minutes, the egg trays should be adequately dried.

Close the circulating fan and shut the connecting pipes to halt the airflow.

Open the dehumidifying fan for about 5-10 minutes to remove excess moisture.

Open the door and carefully remove the dried egg trays from the drying box.

Successful case of our industrial drying oven for pulp tray

oven dryer for pulp tray project
oven dryer for pulp tray delivery
box type egg tray drayer delivery
egg tray dryer rotor

Why choose AGICO?

As a leader of drying oven manufacturers, AGICO is expert in designing, manufacturing and installing egg tray production equipment. The main products of our company are egg tray making machine, egg tray production line, pulp molding equipment and other mechanical equipment such as drying machine. Our machinery has been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Egypt, India, South Africa, Algeria, Australia, Libya, Russia,Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Syria and so on.

Customization Services

Personalized Design: We provide customized dryer design and manufacturing services according to specific customer requirements, including customization of size, materials, control systems, etc.
Professional Team: With an experienced engineering team, we collaborate with customers to ensure that custom dryers meet their expected functionality and performance requirements.

Technical Support and Consulting

24/7 Technical Support: Our technical team provides round-the-clock technical support services to assist customers in solving potential problems and challenges during the drying process.
Application Consulting: Our professional engineers offer drying process optimization advice and technical guidance tailored to customers’ application needs to ensure the best drying results.

After-Sales Services

Maintenance: We offer detailed maintenance guidance to ensure that customers’ dryer equipment remains in optimal condition, extending its service life.
Spare Parts Support: With a stock of commonly used spare parts, we ensure timely provision of spare part replacement and repair services, minimizing equipment downtime.

Training Services

Operation Training: We provide training courses on dryer operation and maintenance to familiarize customers’ operators with equipment operation procedures and safety precautions.
Application Training: Our professional engineers deliver training on drying processes and applications tailored to customers’ needs to enhance their production efficiency and product quality.

Fast Delivery

Quick Response: We promise to arrange production and delivery as soon as an order is received to meet customers’ urgent needs.
Global Logistics: We cooperate with reliable logistics partners to ensure fast and secure delivery of products to customers’ specified locations.

Quality Assurance

Stringent Inspection: Our dryers undergo rigorous quality inspection and testing to ensure compliance with international standards and customers’ quality requirements.
Quality Guarantee: We provide long-term quality warranty and after-sales service to ensure customers’ confidence in using our products.

See the video of industrial drying oven

egg tray dryer video
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