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Installation Guidance of Multilayer Metal Drying Line

At present, more and more customers, especially those who order egg tray machines with an output of more than 4,000 pieces per hour, choose the method of multi-layer metal drying. As for the installation of metal drying machine, our engineers will first conduct professional customization and design according to the site size provided by the customer. This drying method can be quickly installed after unloading and put into production quickly, allowing customers to generate economic benefits as soon as possible in the shortest time. If the customer wants to save the sea freight, we can also disassemble the whole drying tunnel. After the arrival of the goods, our engineers will assemble and weld them on-site. If our engineers cannot arrive at the site due to the epidemic situation, we will also provide customers with professional installation services, installation drawings, 3D drawings, real drawings and videos of construction and assembly so that customers can easily and quickly install under the remote guidance of our engineer team. The following are some instructions in the installation instruction document of 5000pcs/hour we provide to our customers as an example, if you want to get more information, please contact our engineers and sales staff.

metal drying install
metal drying machine install
metal drying install instruction
metal drying machine install step
  1. Different models have different sizes and structures, but the installation principle is the same.
  2. This video takes the drying line with a capacity of 5000p/h as an example to guide the installation sequence, please arrange for professional engineers to build the drying line according to the drawings.
  3. Before building the drying line, please confirm the site size.
  4. For easy understanding, we make different parts of different colors, the real color subject to the product.
finished egg cartons
finished cartons
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