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Paper Pulp Molded Product

Paper pulp molded product is based on plant fiber pulp (wood, bamboo, reed, shrub, straw pulp, etc.) or recycled pulp of waste paper products. With professional processes and additives, paper pulp is molded by vacuum adsorption on the special pulp molding die (also known as water mold or mesh mold). Paper pulp molded product is a class of stereoscopic paper pulp product.

Application directions of paper pulp molded products

  1. Cushioning materials for industrial packaging.
  2. Tray products. Buffer packaging of poultry eggs(egg tray), buffer packaging of fresh fruits, fresh food packing tray.
  3. Agricultural pulp molded products.
  4. Special pulp molded products.
  5. Disposable fast food utensils.
  6. Disposable medical products.

Characteristics of paper pulp molded products

  • Paper pulp molded products belong to “green packaging”. They are recyclable and degradable.
  • Raw materials have a wide range and the cost is low.
  • High strength, good plasticity and cushioning performance.
  • Light weight, low cost of recovery, reusable.
  • Good protection, interchangeability and decoration performance.
  • Good bending and tearing strength.
  • Good air permeability. Good water absorption/hydrophobicity and heat insulation.
  • Antistatic, waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof and corrosion-proof.
  • Paper pulp molded products can be stacked to save storage and transportation costs.
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