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Profit Analysis of Pulp Tray

Various pulp trays can be produced by applying different kinds of mold, such as shoe tray, egg tray, apple tray, which makes pulp tray making a profitable business.

Prospect Forecast of Pulp Tray Business

With the development of the economy, a growing number of people have a high standard of products. Quality of product itself is no longer the only measurement of consumer behavior. Products’ design, package, brand… are also regarded as important elements in promoting consumption. Therefore, joining the package business seems a wise choice at beginning of 2022, especially the environment-friendly and sustainable industries, such as pulp tray making industy.

According to the statistics, in the united states of America alone, the Cardboard Box and Container Manufacturing industry generates over $68 billion annually from more than 1,937 registered and licensed big scale pulp egg tray manufacturing companies.

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Cost of Pulp Tray Making Factory

If the customer already has a chicken farm, orchard or other business needed pulp tray, adding a pulp tray making machine for egg packaging would be icing on the cake. Customers only need to undertake the cost of the machinery and site construction, which is considered a cost-efficient choice in the long-term development.

If the customer is new to the business, starting a pulp tray business may need:

1. Site & Labor

As same as some other manufacturing industries, the cost of site and labor is necessary but low. A small rural area and the most basic construction will do just fine. Our automatic pulp tray making machine and production line is easy to operate and is designed to reduce labor cost. You only need 1-2 workers to start producing.

2. Pulp Tray Machine

Different types of pulp tray machines have different prices. Please contact our support team to have a customized design based on your requirement. Support machines such as pulping machine, during machine and packing machine are also alternative. AGICO promises to provide high-quality products at competitive prices.

3. License

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Profit Analysis Model of Pulp Tray

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