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Pulp Molded Egg Tray Drying Problems

The whole process of pulp molding equipment is not complex. In addition to the most basic power consumption, the second is the consumption of drying. It is mainly to dry the wet products from the molding machine. Take the eggs tray manufacturing as an example.
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What are the drying methods?

Fully automated egg tray machine can provide two drying methods: steel structure drying trunk road and concrete drying trunk road. They are mainly divided by the materials of drying trunk roads. The two drying principles are basically the same.

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Drying with a steel dryer (steel structure)
Civil engineering drying line
Drying with a brick kiln dryer (concrete drying trunk road)

What is the principle of drying?

The principle of drying is to heat the whole drying channel. Generally, a hot spot is set in the middle of the drying channel to heat the whole drying channel.

What are the heating methods?

A variety of heating methods can be provided, such as coal-fired heating, natural gas heating, electric heating, etc. Of course, the most economical is coal-fired heating. However, considering the current environmental protection requirements, it is recommended that you use natural gas heating, which not only has low cost, but also does not pollute the environment.

How to choose drying method?

In terms of heat consumption, the heating efficiency of concrete drying trunk road is higher than that of steel structure. Because the thermal conductivity of metals is much stronger than that of civil engineering and rock, there will be more heat dissipation in terms of heat consumption. The steel structure drying trunk road has more advantages in cleanliness and beauty. Different people have different opinions. The right one is the best.

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