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Development Prospect of Pulp Molding Equipment

Pulp molding is a niche industry, but also an industry with a bright future. Pulp molding equipment is mainly used in packaging and transportation industry, which has been involved in various fields and has a good development prospect.

Pulp molding machine for molded paper pulp products

Egg tray machine

Egg tray machine is one of the pulp molding equipments. Egg trays and egg boxes, which are commonly used to hold eggs in daily life, are produced by such machine. Nowadays the packaging industry is booming, egg tray machine and other pulp molding equipments promote the further development of the market, pulp molding equipments have been widely used.

From the market point of view, taking the egg tray machine as example, the egg market has been inseparable from the packaging application of paper pulp molding products. In the process of continuous development, the price of egg packaging products is showing an upward trend on the whole. Pulp molding equipment in the form of egg tray machine has a wider range of applications.

Egg tray production
full automatic egg tray production line

Small investment and many functions

Pulp molding equipment has many advantages for long-term development.

  1. High flexibility. Pulp molding equipment can produce different products by replacing molds, is suitable for multi-line development.
  2. Pulp molding products have excellent protection performance, shockproof buffer, compression resistance, heat dissipation and ventilation effect.
  3. Pulp molding equipment has small investment and many functions. Compared with the previous packaging equipment produced in a single mode, it has the feasibility of developing multiple production lines at the same time. It only needs to replace the corresponding product molds.

As a result, the development prospect of pulp molding equipment is obvious.

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