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Pulp Molding in the Field of Packaging Applications

In the era of universal environmental protection, pulp molding is becoming a prevailing trend. Paper-based packaging materials and containers are the most widely used materials in the packaging industry. Among them, pulp molding products are one of the main products in paper packaging. In recent years, as environmental awareness has gradually increased, coupled with significant advancements in pulp molding technology, many brands are adopting paper packaging.
Raw materials for pulp molding products come from nature, and the waste generated after use is recyclable and degradable. It is a typical environmentally friendly and green packaging product. With the growing call for people to harmonize with nature, pulp molding products are gradually being recognized and accepted. Their development aligns with the global green wave of protecting nature and the ecological environment.

The application of pulp molding products

As an emerging green and environmentally friendly product, the application value of pulp molding products has been increasingly demonstrated. According to the usage scenarios of pulp molding products, they can be roughly divided into four major purposes: high-quality industrial packaging, agricultural packaging, food packaging, and medical product packaging.

Industrial Packaging

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the volume of foreign trade has also increased significantly. However, many developed countries have banned the import of environmentally polluting packaging materials, forcing China’s industrial inner lining packaging to quickly transition to the “paper instead of plastic” path. Using paper molding materials for padding has the advantages of good plasticity and strong cushioning force, fully meeting the internal packaging requirements of electronic products. The production process is concise, with no environmental pollution concerns. Moreover, the products have strong adaptability and are widely used.
Apple phone, for example, not only uses paper inner lining for its phone packaging, but pulp molding industrial packaging products are now gradually being widely applied in the inner lining shockproof packaging of home appliances, electronics, communication equipment, computer accessories, ceramics, glass, instruments, toys, lighting, handicrafts, and other products.

molded pulp package final product

Agricultural and By-Product Packaging

The most common application of pulp molding products in the agricultural and by-product industry is seen in egg trays. Pulp molding egg trays, due to their loose texture and unique egg-shaped surface structure, offer better breathability, preservation, excellent cushioning, and positioning effects. They are particularly suitable for the large-scale transportation packaging of poultry eggs such as chicken eggs, duck eggs, and goose eggs.

pulp egg cartons

Food Packaging

Pulp molding tableware refers to paper pulp tableware produced through processes such as molding, compression molding, and drying. It mainly includes molded paper cups, molded paper bowls, molded paper lunch boxes, molded paper plates, molded paper trays, and so on.
The products have a stylish and practical appearance, with good strength and plasticity, resistance to pressure and folding, lightweight material, easy storage, and transportation. They are waterproof and oil-resistant, suitable for both freezing and microwave heating. They adapt to modern dietary habits and food structures while meeting the needs of fast-food processing. Pulp molding tableware is a major alternative to disposable plastic tableware.

Medical Product Packaging

The medical industry greatly benefits from various molded pulp products, including disposable urinals, disposable bedpans and liners, bedpans, as well as packaging materials for medicines and medical equipment. This trend is rapidly shifting towards single-use options as they can reduce the risk of cross-infection.
The major issue with traditional medical instruments is incomplete disinfection, leading to the potential for cross-infection. By switching to disposable molded paper trays, sputum cups, bedpans, bed liners, and splints, not only can the disinfection process be eliminated, saving labor costs, but also the waste can be directly incinerated with no toxic side effects. Moreover, molded paper utensils are moderately priced and easily accepted by both medical professionals and patients, bringing a lot of convenience to medical care.

medical pulp container
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