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How to Solve the Problem of Insufficient Strength of Pulp Molded Products?

Common Question

1. The structural design of the pulp molded product is unreasonable, reinforcement on the bearing surface is not enough.

2. The proportion ratio of pulp is not suitable.


(1) Increase the reinforcement, but do not invariably pursue the increase of the number. It should be ensured that the width of the reinforcement before making the slope is not less than 12mm so that the paper molding product has sufficient strength.

(2) The strength of corrugated pulp is better than that of other pulp products, so it is an effective way to improve the strength of paper molded products by appropriately adjusting the pulp ratio of paper molded products, that is, by appropriately increasing the proportion of corrugated pulp. For example, under the same conditions, the strength of the product made from the pulp with the ratio of corrugated paper and newspaper is 7:3 is significantly higher than that of the product with the ratio of 5:5.

(3) When the structure is reasonable and the pulp is fixed, you can try adding talc powder to the pulp. Using talc powder as filler can not only improve the strength of the product but also achieve the purpose of high retention rate. However, we must pay attention to the choice of adding process, talcum powder cannot be directly added to the beating pool, instead, a filler pretreatment system must be used to make the talcum powder fully dispersed and wet, and then added to the beating pool so that the talc powder can be complexed with the fibers through the effect of chemical additives. The specific process is 1) using an aqueous suspension containing 20%~30% talc filler in a mixer at high speed for 6 minutes. 2) Dilute it with water and add chemical additives and treat for 5 minutes to make a filler suspension. 3) Add them to the pulp.

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