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How to Choose a Suitable Egg Tray Production Line?

When we recommend egg tray machine or production line, we will follow the needs of customers. So, when customers choose an egg tray production line, what should be considered?

Egg Tray Production Line For Sale

You may have eight questions to consider

  1. End product: egg tray, shoe tray, fruit tray, etc.
  2. Output: 1000-6000 pcs.
  3. Drying system: natural drying, civil engineering drying, trolley type drying, single layer metal, multi-layer metal.
  4. Fuel requirement: wood, coal, biomass pellets, natural gas, diesel.
  5. Site size: according to the site, planning equipment configuration and equipment layout.
  6. Investment budget: for targeted product promotion.
  7. Environmental protection: reasonable selection of drying materials.
  8. Power parameters: voltage, frequency.
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