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What Affects the Egg Tray Machine Price?

Many customers are asking, please give me the egg tray machine price? The salesman usually will not give the price directly, but will ask the customer some questions. It is because the price of the egg tray machine is determined by several aspects together.

1. The output and configuration of egg tray machine
The output of egg tray machine varies from 1000 to 7000 pieces per hour, and the price varies with the output. So first of all, you need to confirm what the demanded output is. On the other hand, the egg tray production line has different drying methods and different configurations, and the egg tray machine price will be very different.

2. The quality of the egg tray machine
Different egg tray machine manufacturers produce egg tray machine with different materials, different sizes, and different sizes of supporting equipment models of origin. So you can’t just look at the price of the egg tray machine, you have to refer to the configuration to make a judgment. In addition, at different times, the price fluctuations of the material will also affect the egg tray machine price.

10000 egg tray production line
7000pcs egg tray machine case

3. Distance
Generally speaking, the distance is close to the road cost is certainly less, the egg tray machine price is relatively less. For long-distance transportation, also consider whether you need to transfer, etc.

4. After-sales service
Egg tray machine is multiple sets of equipment supporting the later use more or less needs the cooperation of the manufacturer. In addition to the price factor, you should also consider whether the manufacturer has a perfect after-sales service system, and whether you can get timely feedback and help when the equipment fails.

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